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Must have features for drivers, customers and admins in your app like uber

It can be a tough competition to get past through, ever since the business industry started growing. Uber like applications have changed the concept of traveling, you’re no more required to raise your hand or whistle; applications are there to assist you with that.

These applications have achieved a lot within a decade; they have become a common part of our lives, expanding in over 80 countries and over a thousand countries, with a total of over 3 million drivers assisting over a hundred million riders. It hasn’t been easy for these applications but it wasn’t impossible either.

How to build your own uber like application

This is where the path diverges and you are required to make your first decision based on whether you want a clone application like uber or create one from the scratch. Although the cost to build app like uber for the latter option can be a little heavy on the wallet, unless you are prepared for that.

On demand applications require time as well, whereas cloned applications are ready-made since their scripts have been prepared beforehand. By the time you have your clone application with you, your other application that is being prepared from the scratch is only going to be halfway prepared; that’s a good example as to how much time each type of application takes and requires. At the end of it, it’s up to the developer to decide what they need.

Basic features for your uber like app

You will be required to create three separate applications under one big app, that’ll handle different purposes of the app. For example an app for the customer, an app for the driver and an app for the admin team to ensure quality. Here are what you need to add to each subcategory of the app;

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Features for users:

  • A registration panel
  • Option to track the ride
  • Notifications
  • Wallets within the application
  • Different payment options
  • Estimated amount for the ride

Features for drivers:

  • Profiles for drivers
  • Their availability status
  • Information regarding booking
  • Notifications
  • Estimated amount for the ride
  • Navigation system for tracking and pick and drop

Features for admin:

  • Sub admins
  • QA reports and statistics (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Access to profiles
  • Managing accounts

Benefits of these features for drivers and users and the business

  • Benefits for drivers:

These features assist drivers to not get lost along the way, whilst trying to find their passenger. They are provided with simplest routes to their pick-up and drop-off locations. Not just that, fare estimation and payment methods allows them the freedom of not having to take responsibility of carrying huge amounts of cash. Drivers having access to rating their passengers allows other drivers to be vary of the unmanageable passengers that cause hindrance within their work.

  • Benefits for users:

The best thing about these features is the comfort they provide of not having to leave the house to get a cab, even that requires a lot of energy and time. Passengers can keep up with their driver’s arrival times and schedule it with their chores, making it easier for both of them to be proactive about the services. The hassle free payment method gives more than one option to the user, in case they are out of cash; they can easily opt for online banking. The feature that allows users to rate drivers increases credibility of the application and services. Making everything more transparent and trustworthy.

  • Benefits for the business:
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Through the features provided within the admin applications, the admin panel can mediate between the two parties; the rider and the driver and ensure safety and quality of their services. Tracking systems allow them to look into their fleets and manage dispatches.

In conclusions, uber like applications have only been beneficial to us by saving our futile efforts and time. The level of efficiency provided by cab applications helps us keep up with the constantly evolving requirements of this fast paced era.

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