Natural Therapies that help you to get Good Sleep

A busy schedule is mostly the reason a lot of us cannot get quality sleep for 8 hours. Work stress, family and relationship issues along with other responsibilities can make it difficult to fall asleep. We end up in bed every night, however without falling asleep. Thus the sleep that we get is often poor in quality and tat too for fewer hours. While sleeping tablets are useful, you can also try spa treatment for reducing your stress level and getting quality sleep. 

  • Acupuncture: This is an ancient Chinese treatment which allows energy flow through the body. Not only it helps you to sleep, it can be also used for soothing pain and reducing stress. We have a brain chemical named melatonin which is increased by this treatment. Melatonin is known for regulating our sleep cycles. You can also treat sleep apnea with this as it strengthens the tongue and prevents it from falling back and blocking air passage at the time of sleep. 
  • Spa bath: We are sure that a lot of readers will be delighted on reading this. After all, who does not love to be pampered by spa baths? If you want things within budget, you can take a spa bat yourself. Just prepare a cozy warm bath and add relaxing bathing salts to it. Hot water bath before bed is ideal especially in winters. This soothes your muscles, reduces pain and calms your mind, thus allowing you to fall asleep easily.
  • Deep tissue massage: Deep tissue massage is ideal for relieving all sorts of physical pain and tension in your body. It will also increase the production of serotonin, which is a hormone for sleep regulation and it also improves your mood. You can also add lavender oil to this therapy/ treatment and feel more relaxed. Soothing fragrance is always known to calm down one’s nerves and bring about happy thoughts. A happy and calm mind will mean a night of good sleep. 
  • Facial: By this time, you will totally love reading this, especially if you are a woman. Women love facial massage as their face glows a lot after the treatment. Facial massage increases blood circulation to the facial muscles and also relaxes these muscles. We often do not realize how much we stress our facial muscles by thinking, worrying a lot, frowning and even when we are yelling or talking a lot. Thus, we need to take a break, go for a facial massage that includes aromatherapy in a dark, calm room. 
  • Reflexology: If you do not like acupuncture or are not too fond of facial massage or spa baths, you can try this one. Reflexology is a treatment which involves pressing of certain pressure points or pushing them. This removes energy blockages and blockages in blood circulation and also cures stressed muscles. Try to book an evening appointment, especially during weekends for this and enjoy a stress free and happy night. 
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Sleeping tablets to help better

While it is always best to resort to natural therapies, some of you might suffer from chronic insomnia and need immediate results. Also booking a facial or acupuncture appointment might not be possible always. You can ask your doctor to prescribe sleeping tablets like Zopiclone. You can buy Zopiclone from any pharmacist or try to buy Zopiclone online as well from Yourmeds pharmacy. 

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