Niira Radia - Girl child health in UP

Niira Radia’s Nayati Healthcare: Incentivizing better health for girl child in Uttar Pradesh

An extension of the discrimination against girl child is the negligence towards the health and general well-being of young girls, especially when it comes to nutrition and healthcare. Defying this discrimination, Niira Radia-led Nayati Healthcare is incentivizing better health for girl child in Uttar Pradesh.

As the Chairperson Nayati Healthcare, Niira Radia has made it her mission to bring quality healthcare services to the people residing in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, and semi-urban and rural areas. She firmly believes that quality healthcare is a fundamental right to all, and aims to make healthcare affordable and accessible in even the remotest parts of the country.

With her venture Nayati Healthcare, Niira Radia has brought the best infrastructure and clinical expertise together in a bid to make high-quality medical procedures accessible to all. Following her vision, all medical centres of Nayati offer comprehensive healthcare solutions with state-of-the-art medical facilities in all verticals of healthcare.

Talking about the Nayati Initiatives, Nayati Chairperson Niira Radia said, “It is a sad reality that a large number of children, adolescent girls and women have limited or no access to nutrition and essential healthcare services. Gender inequity and discrimination cannot be bridged unless there are equal opportunities in education and healthcare. As the region’s largest healthcare institution, we encountered several scenarios wherein because of lack of resources, preference is given to the treatment of the male child by the families over the girl, even though the girl might need it more. The Nayati Paediatric Foundation has time and again contributed to the cost of surgery in order to save a girl’s life.We celebrate the birth of every baby girl to reiterate our commitment and support in the larger social movement for the girl child. We hope to send out a positive view of importance of our girls and usher in a social change.”

Nayati Medicity is the first hospital in the region to perform such complex paediatric heart surgeries. The hospital also successfully treated an 8-year-old Agra resident, Tanvi, who was suffering from an extremely rare and complex cardiac birth defect Dextrocardia Situs inversus with multiple holes (VSD) in the heart. Her family could not afford the cost of the surgery, so the Nayati family came together and contributed funds to save Tanvi’s life.

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Another example of Nayati’s commitment to ensure the welfare of young girls is the successful treatment of Anju, a 15-year-old girl who was shot from a close range on her way to school by a stalker for spurning his advances. Nayati decided to bear the entire cost for the treatment, and provided continuous care and the best medical support to the girl, who was discharged from the hospital after three weeks.

Apart from facilitating healthcare for young girls in the region, Nayati Healthcare has also been playing a crucial role in ensuring the general well-being of adolescent girls. Nayati’s special education program for teenage girls educates them on multiple issues such as menstrual health and hygiene, nutrition and healthcare in general.

Know more about how Niira Radia‘s initiative towards girl child is a incentivizing better health.

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