Ace Your Class 11 Test With These Solutions

Many people are preconceived that class 11 is a rest year and does not hold as much importance as class 10 and class 12 do. However, this is not true. Class 11 is a very crucial phase in every person’s life. A student is subjected and introduced to certain topics that need a higher level of learning skills to be comprehended. The exam results play a very important role in deciding the further course of action for the student.

Extra Marks is the online platform that provides students with the best study material possible. It also helps the students with the important solution required to crack the examination. The NCERT is the National Council of Educational Researching and Training. This website provides the NCERT solutions for class 11.

They provide a chapter-wise solution for each subject of class 11th. The NCERT solutions for class 11 include the solved answers to all the questions in the textbook. The study material for the other subject is also provided such as Science, Mathematics and some other subjects such as History, Geography, etc.

Physics is a subject that most students find a little difficult. Various concepts, techniques, and equations need to be practised daily if a student wants to get the hang of them. Many students make a huge mistake of memorizing all the important topics and concepts in Physics without getting to their depth or understanding them. The NCERT solutions or class 11 has all the required solutions to answer all the important questions.

Chemistry is also a subject that requires strategic planning while studying. One needs to understand and memorize many important equations, formulae, and reactions. Extra Marks also provides all the solved answers to this subject’s chapters. The Class 11 Chemistry NCERT solutions are written in detail. It is written in a student-oriented way so that it will be easy for the students to grasp all the complicated answers quickly and promptly.

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Biology is a subject that probably has the most definitions and concepts that need to be memorized by the students. The Class 11 Biology NCERT solution book provides the chapter-wise answer to all the important questions in the textbook. The study material is such that the students can learn and prepare from the questions in the Biology book. The book also mentions all the important tips and tricks to ace every question. The weightage for each question is also given, and the students should strictly adhere to the pattern mentioned in the solution book.

Some students consider Mathematics as their strongest suit, while for some, it is difficult. It is very important to understand and practice this subject’s questions daily. Detailed and easy-to-understand solutions are provided just so that the students do not face any difficulty while writing the paper.

English for the class 11 textbooks consists of prose and poetry sections. We provide a chapter-wise answer to all the questions from the class 11 English textbooks.

These are some of the important tips and tricks that one needs to understand in order to achieve success.

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