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Need to Know What Things Never Keep in Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where you spend a lot of time in and out of the house. This is the place where you think about life, ponder over your life decisions, wonder what you are going to eat today, or wear, apply makeup, clean yourself and relax after a very busy day. Since this place sees a lot of you, it is normal for someone to keep their vanity, makeup and grooming products on the countertop or in the little cupboards in the bathroom.

It seems to be handy and save a lot of time, but have you ever wondered about how many germs all these things might be developing on them and how they are dying slowly due to the heat and humidity of this enclosed area? You do not need to clear out your bathroom in its entirety, just take out a few things that you should never keep in the bathroom or store in the bathroom. Here are they!


The first spray that you get from a International perfume brands bottle right after opening it is simply mind-blowing. After this, your perfume starts degrading and losing its charm due to the oxidation. The days when you leave the cap open for long, or forget to recap the bottle when you leave it near your warm hairdryer or in the car with your bags, all this is responsible in exposing the perfumes to heat and air accelerating the oxidation process. Keeping the perfume in the bathroom may seem like a great decision to save some time in your busy morning routine and help in using it right after a bath, it is not good for the perfume.

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When you store the perfume in the bathroom, no matter if the cap is closed, all day exposure to the heat and humidity destroys the molecular integrity, breaking down the perfume molecules and affecting the fragrance. The longer it is there, the faster the damage will be killing the perfume. No matter how expensive international perfume is, it will start changing the scent, the colour and gradually turning into something very unpleasant. So, keep your perfume outside the bathroom and make it last longer. You can place it in a cool, dry and dark place to make sure it is safe.

Cosmetics And Makeup Brushes/tools:

The skin on your face is very gentle and sensitive. Exposure to even something minutely harsh can make it feel raw and develop blemishes. Now imagine if a whole breeding ground for bacteria and germs is smeared all over your face, what will happen over there on the skin. If merely thinking about this is giving you chills, what if we tell you that you are doing it every single day. All the makeup products, brushes and tools that you keep in the bathroom become the breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and all kinds of germs.

The hot and humid atmosphere in the bathroom allows the germs to grow at a faster pace and since beauty blenders and brushes are already hot grounds for germs, it only accelerates the process. Doing this can save you some time, but it is not all good for your skin. Using these tools with germs can give rise to breakouts and comedones to occur all over your face. Try to clean your brushes on a regular basis and never leave them in the bathroom. It is also beneficial to sanitize them as well.

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Skincare Products:

If you love your skin and want to keep it soft and supple, using several skin care products is very common these days. From sunscreens to serums, we apply several layers of products to take care of the skin, provide it with essential nutrients and add that extra layer of protection. But if you have been keeping these products in the bathroom for easy use, you might as well throw them in the garbage as they have already lost all the potency. Heat and humidity in the bathroom can make it change its formula, develop oily layer or separate the formula. Serums like Vitamin C can also oxidise faster in hot and humid areas. So, keep them in cool, dark and dry places.

Nail Polishes:

Do you often find your nail polishes turning into a thick mass or drying up pretty fast? Well, blame the heat in your bathroom for this. Just like international perfumes, nail polishes can also dry out faster when it is exposed to heat and humidity. It can change the colour as well as make it very thick to apply. So, make sure to keep all your favourite nail polishes in vanity in your bedroom or cupboard or better in the refrigerator. Cool, dark and dry places are best for them.

Make your perfumes, makeup and skincare products last longer by not storing them in the bathroom. Put them all in cool, dry and dark places to protect the formula and from exposure to germs. This will help you in looking and feeling fabulous all the time.

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