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Nespresso® capsules-carry your daily dose of coffee with you

The coffee industry has seen some radical changes since Nespresso® introduced coffee capsules to the world of coffee lovers. Both the coffee sellers and consumers have changed since the inception of coffee capsules. So today, we thought of giving a quick and comprehensible guide to Nespresso® coffee capsules.

Nespresso® Capsules- An easy guide

Initially, the coffee machine maker, Nespresso® launched 16 types of coffee capsules in their home coffee making machine. To be honest, 16 types of Nespresso® capsules are quite a lot to distinguish between even for the hardcore coffee lovers. More importantly, these 16 types of coffee capsules have different flavors, and to find out which one would be best suited for you can be tiresome. So to ease out the process, the 16 flavors of the coffee capsules can be broadly categorized into four main types of capsules. These four types of coffee capsules are:

Espresso Capsules

Espresso capsules are the traditional form of coffee; we all enjoy drinking. These capsules have a rich taste and are considered to be a quite high standard. The espresso capsules contain six different types of capsules in the range of coffee capsules. The capsules are blends of coffee. These blends give the espresso capsules the authentic taste of a coffee.

Pure origine capsules

The Nespresso® coffee capsules have pure original capsules. These pure origin coffee capsules are significant of the place the coffee flavor originated from. These capsules are special forms of capsules, and there are three flavors of capsules that fall under this category.

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Lungo capsules

Lungo coffee capsules contain four flavors of the Nespresso® capsules. Lungo capsules may also be termed as longer coffee. These capsules are termed as such because they require much more water than normal espresso. In fact, some capsules even require twice the amount of water espresso capsules need. These coffee capsules are different from other coffee capsules in terms of taste also. They are somewhat of an Americano flavor.

Decaffeinato capsules

Decaffeinato capsules are of three types. These three coffee capsules contain decaffeinated coffee popularly known as decaf. The difference between these three capsules is the varying degree of concentration of coffee in each of these capsules.

So these were the broadly categorized coffee capsules. These coffee capsules are known by different names around the globe. The names may differ on the basis of the place you are buying the coffee capsules from, but the taste of the Nespresso® capsules remains the same. 

Also, if you are going to buy online, make sure that you read the description well enough to recognize the coffee capsule you intend to buy. Most of the websites sell them under different names only for branding purposes. The website of Nespresso® also sells these 16 coffee capsules under the name of “Grand Crus.” The term is exclusively used for wines, but this should not misguide you as this is done only for branding purposes.

Now that you know about the coffee capsules and their classification, it would be easier for you to navigate the markets and buy the right one for you. The coffee capsules vary from lightly roasted to intensely roasted, from a heavy caffeine content to decaffeinated ones, from single coffee flavors to a blend of flavors. There are a lot of options to choose from. The coffee capsules not only differ by taste, but they all have a different aroma. So you may choose whatever suits you. Every cup of coffee made with the Nespresso® capsules will fill you with energy. So what are you waiting for? Click here to start your day with a kick.

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Disclaimer: Nespresso® is a registered trademark of SOCIÉTÉ DES PRODUITS NESTLE S.A. Gimoka Coffee UK is an independent distributor not connected directly or indirectly to SOCIETÈ DES PRODUITS NESTLÉ S.A. The compatibility of Gimoka capsules is functional for use on Nespresso® machines and does not replace the use of the original capsules produced by SOCIÉTÉ DES PRODUITS NESTLE S.A.

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