Niira Radia

Niira Radia led Nayati Healthcare’s expansion plans

Niira Radia led Nayati Healthcare, ever since its establishment, has been carving a niche in healthcare delivery space through a robust infrastructure, incorporation of technology and a skilled workforce.

What started off as a small medical unit in the holy grounds of Badrinath to provide medical care to the pilgrims and locals of that region, has built a wide presence across North India today. The core mission of Niira Radia led healthcare is to make tertiary healthcare accessible, affordable and accountable for people of tier II and tier III cities of India – something that has long been neglected.

To ensure that the patients are following the prescribed plan of care, Nayati Healthcare also sends out reminders through automated texts, emails and calls as well.

Leveraging the use of technology, the leading healthcare chain in North India also ensures efficient delivery of healthcare services. For instance, Nayati Medicity, Mathura has adopted a cloud-based digital intensive care unit to monitor critically ill patients, alert the staff in case of emergencies and ensure early intervention to improve the outcomes.

Additionally, not only does the Healthcare offers online services to the patients through mobile apps, but it also has an app specifically designed for the doctors as well. Through the app, doctors can put out clinical notes, put referrals for other doctors, audit the discharge summaries and make corrections, etc.

Under the leadership of its chairperson Niira Radia, Nayati Healthcare has built an indelible presence in India’s healthcare industry.

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