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Noise Reducing Castor Wheels For The Medical Industry


Noisy casters would be very irritating and annoying because medical premises is a place where you should make noises, it is just completely out of etiquettes and if then in such moments your wheel starts making a noise that ay annoy the attendants, patients, or even authorities it would be very embarrassing, so to avoid such inconvenience or embarrassment then you must need Medical Caster or simply noiseless casters.


Stainless Steel Caster is employed for giant jobs these area units super ideal and handy for giant jobs. Stainless steel Caster area unit ideal caster notably for vital lots and enormous jobs. These casters area unit created for harsh and non-cozy environments. These area units the good survivals for rust, chemical, and for even water. Stainless steel Caster is applicable to every reasonable food method and food services, it’s together utilized in hospitals and marine loading instrumentality. These casters area unit typically employed in medical and pharmaceutical area unites as results of these are best to carry such fragile things


There are such types of casters for medical industries and they are known as Medical Caster, which means that these casters have some specialty and that is, it is noiseless and their hygiene level is at the most.

Some famous Medical Caster In Pakistan are:

  1. Threaded Stem Models:

These are specially designed Medical caster to avoid the uneasy noise that may cause by dragging the object or trolley. It has a one long nail sort iron rod attached with the wheel that gives solid support to the trolley. Also, the bottom half is made of such material that it does not make a sound.

  • Hollow Kingpin Models:

Yet another Medical caster that is made to overcome the inconvenience and embarrassment. It is very effective and accessible that this has become such a priority by many industries and they are using them as an important measure and caster for the medical industries.

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  • Swivel Top Plates Model:

This one is also manufactured and covered with a stainless steel caster material that helps in reducing the noise. This medical caster has a supporting plate on the top of this wheel, which works as a support system for the object.

  • Thermoplastic Rubber:

Thermoplastic rubber is also ideal for medical industries because they are not deafening and unpleasant to the ears. They do not cause an absurd mark on the floor that results in a bad influence.

  • Sandwich Wheel Swivel Castor:

This medical caster possess a roller bearing, with a very hard thread also having a maximum loading capacity. These are one of the best caster for medical industries. Because these are less noisy and can load maximum capacity under it.

  • Barked Noise Reducing Caster:

Barked noise reducing caster, are the casters specially designed for the medical industry. They brake the noise and cause a pleasant effect on the atmosphere. So, these casters are a one good choice for reducing noise in the medical industries.

  • Fixed casters:

The fixed casters are the casters that have an effective wheel that would help in maintaining the balance, also these casters are the best for heavy loads.


When you are running a medical industry. Then there are certain points to look for that keep the safety level high because the medical industry is one core platform that requires a lot of delicacies, caring, and must be very sophisticated.

The points to look for while selecting a caster are:

  1. The material of the wheel:
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The material of the wheel is a one certain thing that has to be in the mind while buying a caster for a medical industry. Because, if the material would not be good so it would not cause a great impact on the loading capacity.

  • Load capacity:

It is considered as casters must have a maximum level of loading capacity that would help in lifting and moving the object.

  • Floor condition:

The floor condition is a one main reason to be seen while choosing the casters. Because some casters cause a mark on the floor. Because some casters cause many scratches on the floor. So, we must keep that as an important measure.

  • Braking system:

The braking system is an essential system to be in mind while choosing the caster because certainly when you are moving the caster it would need a break.

  • The diameter of the wheel:

Choose the diameter according to your needs. It is a pro tip of choosing the medical caster.

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