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Not All That You Hear Is Right!

We live in a world where words spread like fire in a jungle. Every other person has some thought which might have come out of no sense and logic, yet meant to believe in. Such words and thoughts that do not undergo filtration of logic and science form misconceptions.

There are many misconceptions about tyres that prevail in society as well.

Imagine the level of idleness one might have gone through to come up with such weird concepts. That too related to tyres!

These are the rules which we are generally told about by our family members or friends. Here are the six most common misconceptions or myths and the lies and truths they contain.

1. There is no need to rotate your tyres

Recently, there have been rumours saying that you do not need to rotate your tyres. You must know that rotating your tyres protects the quality of your tyre in the long run and can also be a life saviour. Tyres in different positions wear differently. The car in which the tyres are fit and the road on which they are driven majorly affects the wearing. Rotating is done to ensure that all the tyres of your vehicle undergo an even wearing. This makes the tyres last longer.

2. Used tyres are useless

If you know what you are seeking, used tyres can be a very smart investment. Although you are not advised to fit your vehicle with a used tyre for daily driving purposes, you can certainly keep the used tyre as a spare. This can come in handy whenever your normal tyres get punctured.

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3. Tyre inspection is a waste of time

Not checking your tyres before driving makes you an extremely unsafe driver. You must check for punctures and deflation before starting your drive. Punctures lead to a reduction in fuel efficiency and increases the braking distance while driving on deflated tyres can result in a blowout!

4. Over-inflation can burst your tyres

Your tyres can not explode due to over inflation. They aren’t balloons!

It is nearly impossible for that to happen. Something that you must be aware of is that over-inflation can still harm your Firestone tyres Mansfield. If you hit a pothole with over-inflated tyres, there are more chances of a blowout.

5. Tyres are designed for Infinity and Beyond!

If you are keeping your tyres in safe storage and expect them to remain as good as new, it would not happen. Generally, tyres have a life of five years, after which you are recommended to change your tyres. If you think you might have any older tyres, you can get them checked before you start to use them.

6. You must always put the new tyres on the front

Damn, this is the most famous one.

It is indeed necessary to have tyres with a better grip to assist with the steering, as the front axle does it. However, it is also extremely important to make sure that your rear tyres are in proper condition too. Both your tyre-positions are equally significant for your safety, and one should never be compromised over the choice of the other.

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