Tips for Online Doctor Consultation in India

Tips for Online Phone & Video Doctor Consultation in India

Concept of online medical consultation is a recent one, and it is essential to know the ins and outs even before the services are availed.

The Key Essentials

  • Recently, India has understood the importance of Telemedicine or doctor consultation i and has opted to permit all medical practitioners to provide online medical services/ virtual healthcare.
  • Patients can easily reach out to the medical practitioners through text, audio and video messages or calls without any issue.
  • As with any other concepts, even this concept holds the good on alerting individuals regarding the dos and don’ts.
  • There are many dos and don’ts that people should know before they opt for online medical services.
  • India is already into recognition and regulation of Telemedicine, authorization of registered medical practitioners to provide teleconsultation to patients. This concept lets all the registered medical practitioners begin their contribution towards medical services to the needy. The doctor consultation in India can happen over video, audio or text messages.

Online doctor consultations are convenient, hassle-free, especially during the current situations. The patients can access the healthcare systems from anywhere globally, which is merit and advantage in opting for online doctor consultation. Many apps and websites can connect the patients to their selective doctors or doctors of their choice or for consulting doctors online quickly. The systems help people reach out to their concerned health professionals through chat or video calls. The patients can discuss their medical conditions and symptoms to the doctor of their choice.

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Although it seems very easy and convenient, there are many things that a patient should be well-aware of even before they avail such services.

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The Do’s and the Don’ts of Online Doctor Consultation

  • Always look for certified and legitimate services for consulting doctor online.
  • Always the patient should ensure that they check the doctor’s details. Patients should be vigilant enough to know the doctor’s name and other related information. These tips should be in practice even if the patient is well-aware of the doctor.

The patient should always have a general awareness of the concerned doctor’s details, such as registration number, website details, e-mail any other online prescriptions.

  • Patients have to open up and reveal the exact details of their symptoms and medical conditions. It is must let the doctor know of every detail the patient is undergoing so that the patient is treated accordingly, and the right prescription is provided to the patient.
  • Patients should always get a signed prescription from the doctor to forward the same to the patient through mail or WhatsApp.
  • The patients should provide details about their medical history and the medicines that are being used. Patients should always ask the doctor for a receipt or invoice for their consultation since the consultation fee is fixed in most cases.
  • Patients while using the online doctor consultation services should ensure that the best fit mode is used for the concerned medical condition/disease. For instance, if it is a condition of gastritis, then the situation and the patient’s symptoms should be explained in detail to the doctor through video conferencing than through text messages to provide clarity to the doctor. However, the patient should feel ease while speaking to the concerned doctor through a video call. The information that is shared by the patient and the doctor should be clear enough to make both ends meet.
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Especially during the present situation of the pandemic, wherein the lockdown is always in an extension mode. The threat and contagious responses of novel coronavirus get worse day after day; several patients are suffering and struggling unable to reach out for consulting doctors online. For those many patients who are stuck, this platform of online consultation is a bliss.

However, there are many such crossways and regulations that the doctors and the patients should follow. Both the ways, the doctors and the patients require to confirm each other’s identities and share their related information or details regarding their name, age, address, e-mail, etc. Despite online consultation being the only alternative, the citizens should be conscientious about its usage and the knowledge too should be spread for many citizens. many mobile apps are available for doctors.