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Anxiety makes waits seem longer. Waiting endlessly for a doctor in a hospital waiting room is one of the prime inconveniences faced by the patients in the process of medical treatment. Waiting when you are sick is bad enough. Waiting for extra time due to the last-minute change in the doctor’s schedule and getting a reschedule while you are still in the hospital is more annoying.

Eliminate your wait time and embrace the hassle-free doctor appointment by registering yourself in Dorays; Book Doctor Appointment Online and get your treatment process streamlined. The more you wait, the more you hate waiting. Especially if you are not well or with a family member who is sick, waiting for doctor appointment reaches the peak of frustration. 

Waiting room is an unpleasant place for every patient 

A patient’s consultation with a doctor is a complex and dynamic interaction. The process includes booking an appointment, seeing the doctor, following up and much more. An often neglected intervention opportunity is the waiting room. The waiting room has turned out to be a containment space of inevitable frustration and boredom for patients. 

According to a survey, how patients feel about their healthcare provider and the quality of their health care is directly related to the impression of their time spent in the waiting room to see the doctor. Longer waiting times are associated with lower patient satisfaction. 

Waiting a long time for the doctor is a frustrating experience. Patients use average appointment wait times as one deciding factors when choosing a clinic. Healthcare organizations and hospitals can adopt online booking and consultation to make healthcare access more available for patients thus reducing the wait time to almost zero. 

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Online appointment has eliminated the need for waiting rooms

Dorays has considerably reduced the patient wait time to almost zero. How convenient it is for a patient to book an appointment online to consult a doctor of their choice based on locality and other factors and to fix a time suitable for them. The appointment can be made round the clock. 

Dorays lets you find and book your doctor based on the location and specialist. All you have to do is to download the app or register on the website. Book your appointment online and receive an e token immediately. Track the token time and consult the doctor when your turn is due. 

Dorays App services let the user fix an appointment, partners through the consultation and diagnosis, rescheduling further visits, saving your travel time and wait time. Powered with modern technology, Dorays had made waiting rooms in hospital obsolete by reducing the patient wait time to almost zero. 

Advantages of Dorays – Booking Doctor Appointment Online 

  • Quick and instant way of booking a doctor appointment. 
  • So many options to choose from the number of specialists available in your area. 
  • You can book a doctor appointment at any time of the day. 

Access all your medical reports and reports in a single dashboard. 

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