Orthotics Billing

How to Make your Orthotics and Prosthetics Billing Stable

Management of documents in Orthotics and Prosthetics billing is the cornerstone to achieve higher reimbursements. One of the biggest challenges for any supplier of Orthotics and prosthetics items is understanding of regulations, fitting the compliance standards and deliver actionable support for a better revenue cycle management approach. Managing front and back end of your Orthotics and prosthetics billing simultaneously can be a challenge if you do not have the right resources for a complete practice management experience!

Submitting clean: Setting the benchmark

Improving your approach in streamlining your RX order entry, creation of patient demographics, understanding how to clear and track your inventory, working with collection of your documents from the referring physician and the therapist. Doing all the heavy lifting work, you must find a reliable partner helping you elevate your RCM approach in the best possible manner.

Eliminating proven process gaps

Rising DSO’s, higher number of days in 45 , 60 or 90’s days in accounts receivable, higher rates of rejections! All these are symptoms of faulty or inconclusive standards with document mapping and providing enough information especially with the medical necessity and its establishment to the payers.

With compliance and trust, a quality team in Orthotics and prosthetics billing gives you a unique edge by delivering you actionable support. As a reliable operational arm, the team working on your pre and post billing needs will open up possibilities of collecting more money than you have ever thought of! It also opens up possibilities of driving more cash and reducing operational costs in the best possible manner.

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An outsourcing partner extending a comprehensive RCM approach

With the rising challenge ahead on finding the right resource that can help in accelerating your ROI, outsourcing looks to be a great idea. It gives you the flexibility to focus better on patient care, work on your A/R’s with a specialized team making sure that you are filing on time, a team is working on you denials and doing regular follow ups. It makes your job a little more easily and reduces your costs of billing while improving your financial ROI.

To conclude, a team that has the niche ability to provide support in your Orthotics and prosthetics billing should be a great move. It will help you in earning more from your accounts with a full service destination working as your team on all accounts and maintaining compliance standards.