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Outsourcing Your Orthotics Billing Services not Only Assures Seamless Operation but also Accelerated Cash flow

In today’s medical billing industry, focusing on improving one’s RCM becomes very important to increase the reimbursement rate and generate more revenue. This is why an increasing number of healthcare providers across the nation nowadays opt for outsourcing their RCM to professional outsourcing companies, be it DME, HME, or orthotics billing services. The result has shown outsourcing leads to profitable reimbursement and efficient revenue generation.

This trend was recognized in a recent Black Book, where almost fifty percent of U.S. hospitals showed interest in outsourcing their complex claims and revenue cycle management to specialized vendors.

How outsourcing can help in orthotics billing services:

As healthcare organization in-house biller and collection staffs generally lack proficiency in handling complex revenue cycle management challenges, it lets a significant number of claims to be written-off. Outsourcing in such cases is always a beneficial solution, as outsourcing experts are already trained particularly for all the billing services to reduce the write-offs and give their organizations a financial boost.

Moreover, these in-house billers and collection staffs also require separate training processes, which adds more cost to existing operating expenses, which, when outsourced, can be avoided.

While the workload continues to pile up upon in-house biller, in-house staffs find it challenging to keep the perfect balance that is required for successful RCM, hence delaying the whole process. Whereas outsourcing for orthotics billing helps in easing the load facilitating the healthcare providers to concentrate on their essential core works like patient care.

Sunknowledge the perfect outsourcing destination for orthotics billing:

With in-depth healthcare industry knowledge and expertise to provide innovative, end-to-end solutions, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the 360-degree RCM destination serving more than 20specialties including, HME, DME, orthotics billing, etc.

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Successfully resolving all complex to simple RCM challenges, while enhancing their overall business operations, Sunknowledge expert provides a partnership approach with comprehensive service offerings. Delivering highly skilled professionals, dedicated account managers, robust processes, proprietary workflow, and world-class infrastructure with 100% HIPAA compliance to reduce operating costs, recover revenue and improve patient satisfaction are the major deliverables of Sunknowledge. Today, it has more than 100 satisfied clients across the country. With a service charge of $7 per hour, Sunknowledge expert orthotics billing services include:

  • · Order entry (patients, providers, insurance, items, etc)
  • · Eligibility verification (both online, calling)
  • · Prior authorization with patients calling and doctor’s office follow up for relevant documentation that needed for the process
  • · Reauthorization
  • · Order Confirmation
  • · Scheduling delivery

Post billing services:

  • · Claims management
  • · Rejection management
  • · Payment posting auto (with and without audit as well as manual)
  • · Account receivable follow-up
  • · Account receivable and denial management

Being the world’s best outsourcing service providers, Sunknowledge Services Inc is recognized not only for excellent industry reference but also for seamless orthotics billing and other medical billing services. So get in touch with the expert for any of your orthotics billing services and other medical billing problems, as Sunknowledge Services Inc is the outsourcing operational extension partner that fully understands your healthcare RCM needs

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