Boarding School

Parents’ Guide for Boarding Schools in Delhi

Schooling is very important and a good school can have a major impact on your child’s life.

It’s the early foundation of education that helps in shaping their future. Choosing the best school can be a task for every parent. To make this decision, one needs to look at all the criteria that focus on the child’s needs and requirements.

Many parents prefer the idea of a boarding school more than traditional schooling since it has been seen that children tend to become more independent and self-reliant in the boarding set-up. They focus more on academics since there are fewer distractions, learning to live a disciplined life in the process.

Now if you are looking for a boarding school in Delhi, there are many national as well as international institutes that offer good facilities and immense academic exposure. But before making this choice, certain things need to be considered.

Things to consider:

Child psychology

Before deciding on the school, keep in mind your child’s needs and comfort. Try to focus on their interests and look at whether they have provisions for your child’s hobbies and talents. If your child likes to sing, check if they have qualified music teachers or look at any music events that they have held in the past to promote the talent of the children.

Fees and expenses

Boarding or day boarding schools in Delhi can be expensive, considering the central location of the city. When you calculate your budget, make sure you include the total amount that you will be required to spend until they complete their studies. If you can bear the expenses, don’t back away from your plan of sending your child to a boarding school since it will be a rewarding investment towards a brighter future for your child.

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Before deciding to go for a college located faraway, depending upon your preference, make sure you can drive or choose any other mode of transportation facility that is provided by the institute. Location plays an important role in a child’s schooling. If the school is located in a peaceful area away from city commotion, it can be beneficial for your child since it will be free from noise as well as pollution.

Focus on academics

It has been seen that there is a lot of competition among students,  which can be seen while taking admission to Delhi colleges and schools. As the cut-offs are high, taking admission can become a difficult task. 

When choosing a school, do look for their academic facilities, their records and results. A good result reflects the quality of education as well as teachers provided. Apart from studies and activities, a school should also focus on moral values.


The boarding school should have the facility of providing extra-curricular activities  to the students. There should be proper sports facilities  like cricket, hockey, and football with proper coaches to guide them. 

Check what kind of extra-curricular activities are provided for your child, like clay modelling, papercraft, painting, etc., before choosing a school.

These activities help in enhancing your child’s talents and work as a break from their hectic studies. Choose a school that conducts workshops and outings for the children.

Communication with the parents

Interactions with other parents will give you a better idea about the school. A good school always has active interactions between parents and teachers so that both of them can take part in a child’s development.

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Make sure that all the facilities that your child might need on a daily basis or in case of an emergency are readily available at or near the school. For instance, medical facilities, local ambulance and the nearest hospital should all have links to the school.

There should be proper maintenance of room and bathroom hygiene. Staff should always be on duty to keep the surroundings clean.


Your child should live and study in a safe environment. There should be a security camera installed and parents should be given access to it. The staff hired should be verified by the police and parents should be provided with their proper identification.

If a school refuses to share this information with you, putting your child in that school should be a big no-no.

You should consider all these points before making the decision of choosing the right boarding school for your child. These factors will ensure that you are sending your child to the right place. You should have active interactions with your child and school management regarding any concerns.