Pashubajaar India’s best e-commerce with live goat sales online

Pashubajaar is an excellent initiative to fulfill the dream of Digital India. It is a unique platform from where you can Purchase Goat Online. So, in this Bakri Eid, you can safely order healthy buck for Qurbani without having trouble to go to the marketplace.

Though there are many companies of meat and fish that are doing business in India, this e-commerce website deals with livestock only. If you are searching for Bakra For Eid-Al-Adha; this is the best place to purchase.

Pashubajaar – The Need Of the Hour

Presently, the country along with the world is fighting with Coronavirus Pandemic. This highly contagious disease is increasing the death toll all over the world. The only way to stay safe is to stay at home. Unless you go outside and come in contact with an infected person, the scope of having Covid-19 is very low.

For that reason, people now prefer online shopping more. Instead of going to the market, they order the vegetables, fruits, milk, groceries, and other essential things from the website and get the delivery at their doorstep. The number of online shopping for clothes, electronics, and even furniture has increased drastically. During the lockdown period, people are getting used to online shopping more than usual.

The livestock market is also taking the opportunity to uplift their business online. It actually helps them to cater to a bigger market place. Pashubajaar delivers buck for Qurbani all over India. In this time, when it is very risky to visit the mandi and buy the goat by yourself, this website is a savior for all of them.

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Why Pashubajaar is the best website for livestock?

Though there are many other companies that are coming up with the same idea, there are certain things that make this website the best service provider to Purchase Goat Online.

  • This is the first and only online goat seller in India that sells goats on the basis of live body weight and grading base estimation. This is a mandatory custom for the company to follow transparency in business.
  • Pashubajaar is not a new company that comes into the livestock market recently. It is an initiative of the Nandi Nandan Breeds and Seeds India Pvt Limited which is the sister concern of The Goat Trust of India. They are quite experienced and pro in this market to assure you about the quality of the goat.
  • They encourage the woman empowerment in the rural areas. They lend goats to them so that they earn their daily living from goat farming. The Pashubajaar team also educates trains and guides them so that the goats will have optimum growth in the most suitable weather. They make sure that the animals have a healthy diet.
  • The Pashubajaar teams have veterinarians who check the individual goat and keep health records for them as well. All the animals are under timely vaccination and deworming routine to make sure that the customers will get the healthiest goat. Moreover, after purchase, people will get the medical certificate of each of the goats to make sure all are healthy and safe to consume.