Spy Moves: Sneaky Tricks to Find A Guy’s Perfect Hoodie Fit

Finding a gift for the man in your life may be a bit nerve-wracking. And by man, that can mean your boyfriend, husband, cousin, best friend, brother, father, or even a favourite mentor. Of course, you want to give him something special and functional, may it be for Christmas, his birthday, graduation, or whatever milestone. A gift card is out of the question because that feels impersonal. 

Do remember that every person’s taste may be unique, but there are great staples, like mens hoodies, that always make a great gift. No matter how beautiful your chosen design is, if it doesn’t fit, then all your efforts are wasted. Asking him for his size is totally out of the question. Consider these sneaky spy moves to help figure out his hoodie size.

Bag It Clandestinely 

If you live together, it is easy to check in the dirty laundry for the right size, just don’t get caught doing it or you’ll look really weird. Imagine your brother finding you in the laundry room looking over his hoodie. Uh-oh! For best results, you can borrow one from his closet when you are set to go on your shopping trip. Sneak one of his faves into your bag, so you’ll have a basis for comparison. You’ll definitely need a big shoulder bag for this job. Roll up the hoodie and stuff it away. Just make sure you don’t get caught. 

Make Some Drama Rama

However, if you do not live together, you need to amp up your game plan. If you are hanging out with that person, borrow his hoodie and pretend you are super cold. The gentleman that he is will be unable to say no. When it’s time to part ways, conveniently forget that you are wearing his outfit and take it home with you. If he is reluctant to share his hoodie, then take drastic measures. Spill some wine on him and offer to wash it as retribution. 

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Work With Inside Intel

If you are tempted to ask his male friends, nip it in the bud. Most men are not detail-oriented, like women. They tend to be oblivious to the sizes of their friends. Some buddies may even give you the wrong size info. For the best intel report, you can ask his sister or mother regarding what is the best size to buy and explain you are perusing men’s hoodies as a prospective gift. 

Find a Doppelganger for Comparison

When you are out shopping, you may find a doppelganger or body double of the person you are buying the gift for. You can kindly request this person to be a temporary stand-in when you are at the store. Just make sure your intention is clear so you won’t look like a stalker. Usually, when you explain properly and ask politely, people will be more than happy to help you find the right hoodie size. 

Play the Dirty Trick Card

With loads of spunk and finesse, play the dirty trick card. Casually saunter up behind the guy and tell him he has dirt on his nape. Pretend to flick it off, then casually take out the tag of his shirt to take a quick peek. Do note that your reflexes must be lightning fast so you can flip the tag and read the size in one go. 

Final Word

Buying a gift for any guy can be rather tough, but you don’t have to stress over it. Buying a hoodie is an excellent option because everyone wears them. Since you are relatively close to the recipient, you’ll know what design and style will work best. After you have found a way to get the right size, you can be assured this is one gift that won’t be chucked and forgotten at the back of his closet. 

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