Personal Loan For Business

If you’re looking for financial avenues to boost your progress, then you’re at the right place. Here at Plangrip, we understand your ambition to develop your business. Regardless of whether you are a small company or a mid-size corporation looking for funds to grow your business further; we will take care of all your capital needs. Our personal loan for business helps you grow your existing business enterprise within the existing dynamic market climate. So, if you have a requirement of funds to purchase new machinery or a personalized personal loan for your marketing and advertisement needs.

What Benefits And Features Of Personal Loan For Business You Must Be Aware Of?

  • The online application process is easy 
  • Short and speedy documentation
  • Hassle-free approval
  • There is no requirement of security or collateral required
  • Personal loan for business has low-interest rates
  • Flexible tenure
  • Repayment can be done by EMI – Easy monthly EMI payment option
  • Fund disbursal is quick

What Exactly The Personal For Business Is?

A personal small business loan is a loan for which the creditor is personally responsible, even though the money is placed in for small business expenses or expenditures. Having a solid business success story, qualifying for a personal loan is nearly always easy. A personal business loan is therefore structured to meet the requirement of immediate funding needs with some special interest rates and to take advantage of business opportunities.

The Documents You Will Need In Order To Apply For Personal For Business At plangrip

  • Application Form: full loan identification form with one passport size photograph Valid Applicant Identity Proof: Passport, Photo PAN, Voter Identity Card, Driving License and MAPIN Card Proof of Residence: Ration Card / Telephone Bill/ Lease Agreement/ Energy Bill / Passport / Trade Certificate / Sales Tax Certificate Proof of Age: Passport, Photo PAN Card, Voter Identity Card Financial
  • Self Employed (Private Ltd. Co. and Alliance Companies): P & L Copies of IT returns over the past two years and P & L and the balance
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What Are The Plangrip’s Advantages For Personal For Business?

  • Lowest Business Loan Interest Rates
  • Assured Flow of Business Loan Funds to your Bank
  • No Bank Mediation to get Business Loans
  • Quick and Instant Approval for a personal loan for business – get Business Loans
  • Women Entrepreneurs can also avail a personal loan for business
  • No need to submit any security or collateral property – Get Business Loan without Security 
  • Least Documentation to apply for a Business Loan
  • Easy & Transparent Process to get Small Business Loans

What Are The Eligibility For Personal For Business Here At Planfrip?

Were you going to make use of a company loan soon? Browse through our business loan eligibility requirements listed below to ensure that your business loan is approved as soon as possible:

  •  The applicant must be in business for the last 3 years with a minimum turnover of Rs.40 Lakhs 
  • The business must have produced a profit of at least 1 year 
  • The applicant should be a sole proprietor/partnership company/private Ltd Co./Trust/LLP involved in the business.

Find out the business loan qualifying requirements to learn more.