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Plantscapes USA for Plant Maintenance Services Philadelphia

If you love plants but you just don’t love the idea of taking care of them, then you need PlantscapesUSA. We provide expert Plant Maintenance Services Philadelphia based. We can help you with interior or exterior plant design and care. Our initial consult is totally free, so contact us and we can fill your rooms with plants. You see, we think that every home, whether it’s a condo, apartment, rowhome, studio, or loft, should be filled with the lush beauty of plants. Many homes aren’t though, simply because many homeowners are confused about the type of care that plants need. That doesn’t have to happen in your home. You don’t have to be confused and your home can have lots of beautiful plants. What you need is PlantscapesUSA.

The fact is, plants can be difficult to interpret. They can’t tell you what they want, they can only show it by wilting, yellowing, or drooping. Yet even if you try to do some research to get those plants looking better, the info provided can be conflicting and confusing. How do you know if you’re really giving your plant enough water, light or fertilizer? It can seem impossible to know that, especially since every plant is different. Some plants crave the sun and need lots of direct, intense light, while others love the shade, thriving in soft, diffused light. There are some plants that need a good soaking every week, and others that hardly need watering. Your collection of plants may need frequent fertilizing or not require any. However, even if you know what is required for your plants, you still might find that when you follow the advice found online or in plant books, you still have a house full of sad plants.

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What to do? Well, stop trying to do the work of plant maintenance yourself. Instead, you just have to call the plant loving technicians at PlantscapesUSA. We’ll do everything for you. We can take care of your plant maintenance services Philadelphia.

What do we do? The question might be put as what don’t we do. Because we do whatever it takes to keep your plants happy. We’ll come to your home and determine what your plants need. If you don’t have plants yet, but want them, we’ll check out the humidity levels and light sources in your home to decide what plants would be happiest there. Then we’ll take care of the pots and containers. That’s because we have a collection of containers and pots in an array of materials, including clay or ceramic, terracotta, fiberglass, resin, wood, metal, or concrete that we can choose from. We’ll find the containers that complement your decor and are perfect for the plants. That’s why and how we provide the best plant maintenance services in Philadelphia.

You see, we don’t just select and install your plants and never come back. We’re committed to taking care of them. After we get your plants installed, we will visit your home weekly to feed, water, and otherwise love your plants so that you don’t have to. So why don’t you stop searching for plants in the garden centers and hardware stores and let PlantscapesUSA take care of your plant maintenance services Philadelphia? We will do everything we can and everything that you need to have beautiful plants in your rooms. That means we will select, install and maintain your plants. We can’t wait to get started and we’ll find the plants that will make your house, apartment, or condo look and feel like home, so contact us now.

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