Plantscapes USA Indoor Plant Maintenance In Philadelphia

When it comes to improving the look and feel of your office space, plants are one of the best ways to literally bring some life into your space. Plants not only look great in an office, but they will make the space more enjoyable to spend time in. Because your employees will be spending half of their day in the office, this can be a great way to improve morale. Sadly, plants do require maintenance and, if they are forgotten, your gorgeous plants can quickly become dying eyesores. If you are looking for a business to provide Indoor Plant Maintenance In Philadelphia, contact Plantscapes USA for help with planning your interior plantscaping and providing regularly scheduled maintenance for all of your plants.

While adding plants seems like just adding a chore to your office, they actually have several positive side effects. When you add plants to your office, the obvious aesthetic appeal can have some great side effects. Not only do these office plants make your space one that employees will enjoy being in, but it can also turn your office into a more impressive space for visiting partners and interviewees. This simple improvement to your office’s image will make anyone more excited to work with you.

Plants have been shown to have a positive influence on people’s mental states and adding them to your office will brighten up the space and the moods of the people in it. Plants will also block lines of sight and absorb sounds. This will help your employees stay on task.

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Having gorgeous plants in your office can also affect the health of your office. We all know that plants respirate. They inhale CO2 and exhale the O2 that we breathe. This process not only creates fresh oxygen, but it can help filter the air. Offices are full of man-made materials. Most of these materials will off-gas volatile chemicals and solvent residue into the air. Plants will help scrub the air of these volatile organic compounds to make the air your employees are breathing cleaner.

But the benefits of plant respiration do not stop there. Just like us, plants exhale water vapor. If you wrap a plant in a bag for a day, the inside will be covered in water droplets in no time. This effect is minimized in succulents and cacti, but all other plants are going to give off a decent amount of water. In offices, especially in the winter months, the air can be very dry. Your interior plants will function as humidifiers that will keep the air in your office comfortable. This can also help avoid the illness caused by dry air.

Here at Plantscapes USA, we are a professional plant maintenance service that specializes in maintaining planted office spaces. We help businesses with the design, installation, and maintenance of their internal and external spaces. As far as indoor plant maintenance in Philadelphia, businesses hire us to complete weekly or biweekly visits where we water, fertilize, and clean planters to keep their plants looking amazing. If we installed the plants ourselves, we also will guarantee their health and replace any dead or dying plants free of charge.

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So if you are ready to hire a company to complete your indoor plant maintenance in Philadelphia, Plantscapes USA is here to assist businesses in the greater Philadelphia area. We specialize in helping businesses create the spaces they dream about. If you have any questions about our services, you can reach a member of the Plantscapes USA team at 610-329-3935.

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