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Point to check before choosing a wooden flooring expert

One of the best materials that one can use for flooring is timber flooring or wooden flooring. You can create an ultimate fashion statement of your house by choosing various colors or contemporary designs. However, the final say will depend on how the floor has been installed. You need to hire experts in this matter. Now the question is how will you choose the best installer from the lot? There are various things to keep in mind before you choose a professional for your floor.

  • Professionalism and expertise One of the important parameters of choosing a flooring company is how efficient and skilled is the workforce. Installation of timber flooring requires lot of expertise and skills. You need to check out the top companies and make a list of 4 or 5 of them. Once you select the top 5 companies, you need to check their websites individually, their past performances, quality of timber used and the budget. Do not forget to check out the norms and standards followed by them. A wooden flooring project demands a lot of planning. Therefore, the company should have a team of professionals and experts with high quality equipment to ensure the best services to the customers.

  • Review the references of the company Once you visit the company websites, you need to read their client testimonials. It would be easier for you if you could have a discussion with those who have hired them before. This will give you a brief idea on their past performances. You can ask them the following questions- Did they complete their work on time? Were the workers skilled enough to do the job? How much did they charge you? How was the overall quality of the work?  Did they clean up the area after completing their work? In this way, you can choose the right timber flooring company.

  • Take detailed quotations in writing- Before you finally decide on the hardwood flooring company, it is important to take a breakdown of the services in writing along with their budget. A quotation should give you the following details-

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i) Scope of the work This should give you an information on deliverables and milestones of the project. It will include all the details of timber flooring like-materials that will be used, time period to complete the project, information on handling materials and so on.

ii) The type of material used Depending on your location, the type of flooring will differ. It will also include the method of installation. Different types of floor have different methods of installation.

iii) The cost of the installation All the individual costs have to be mentioned in the quotation. This will include the cost of adhesives, materials, wood, tools and equipment, removing the previous floor (if there are any), labor charges etc. The total cost will also include waste disposal if required.

iv) Deadlines for completing the work This will include the time that will be required for completing the work. The progress of timber flooring installation can be checked if the deadlines are met. There should be a stipulated time frame for each stage of the process.

  • Precautions are very important If wood is not handled properly, it can lead to severe health effects to everyone in the surrounding area. Therefore, the company should be responsible enough to take sufficient precautions during the entire process.

Apart from the above mentioned points, once the installation of timber flooring is done, the job is not yet over. You need to take care of it and the company should also be able to give you post-installation services which include support services and advise to the customers regarding how to take care of the floor.

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