Popular Safari Tours in Dubai

If you are looking for a trip to Dubai, then safari tours in Dubai should be on your list. There are different types of tours and one can choose according to their budget and time. I have listed the best and the most popular safari tours available in Dubai, lets have a look.

Morning Desert Safari

If you’re looking for a morning safari tour that is both fun and relaxing, then this one is just for you! The morning desert safaris are the best for photography because of all of the wonderful colors that can be seen during sunrise and sunset. They are also great for wildlife because there will be more animals out in the open and active during these times. These tours are perfect for families or couples who want to spend some quality time together, but still get up close with nature.

Red Dune Safari

Red Dune Safari is a great option for the family. This tour starts from 7AM and it lasts till 1PM. In this tour, you will visit the most beautiful sand dunes in Dubai. You can also watch falconry, camels and sunset at the red sand dunes.

You can enjoy camel rides during the red dune safari in Dubai! It is a good option for children and families too as there are many activities available such as quad biking, sand boarding, camel riding etc., The trip takes you to some amazing places where you can see different views of Dubai skyline with Burj Khalifa towering high above everything else that surrounds this beautiful desert area.

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The guide who accompanies on your journey will tell you interesting stories about wildlife conservation efforts undertaken by Dubai Municipality which has resulted in bringing back several species of animals like Arabian Oryx (a kind of antelope), Arabian Gazelle etc., back from extinction due to hunting or habitat loss caused by man-made development projects such as building roads etc.,

Evening Desert Safari

If you’re looking for an evening desert safari that’s more casual than an overnight, this is the tour to book. You’ll still get all the same things you would on a traditional desert safari—camels and guides, food and drink—but it’s shorter, so it’s easier on your wallet. The best time to go is between March and June (though they do offer tours in other months as well).

You’ll spend about three hours exploring Dubai’s sand dunes by camel at night. Expect to be picked up from Dubai or Abu Dhabi hotels around 7:00 pm and return around 10:00 pm or 11:00 pm if you’re staying in either city (though some tours start earlier). Guides will help you climb onto camels’ backs so that everyone can enjoy the sunset over sand dunes before heading back home again!

If this sounds like fun but there are too many people who want to join in on your adventure? Try another evening desert safari offered by [company-name]!

Camel Ride

Camel rides are a great way to experience the desert, especially if you’re not very familiar with the area. You’ll get to see it from a different perspective and can take some amazing pictures of the scenery. You’ll also be able to spend time with your family or friends as you ride along together! Many people enjoy camel rides because they’re exciting and fun, but if you’re looking for something more relaxing and peaceful, this may not be the activity for you.

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Private Desert Safari Camp

The private desert safari camp in Dubai is a unique experience, and one that only a few can enjoy. Primarily used for corporate retreats and special occasions, this luxurious camp offers an unparalleled experience. With all-inclusive food and drink packages, guests can dine on the finest cuisine while enjoying breathtaking views of the desert landscape. An open-air tent provides shelter from sandstorms or heat as well as privacy to take in the sights in peace—a perfect place to reflect on your time spent in Dubai!

This tour may seem expensive given its exclusivity; however, it’s worth every penny if you have your heart set on taking a private tour through Dubai’s wilderness. For families with children who want to experience something different but still enjoy comfort and luxury at their fingertips, this option might be ideal for them.

Overnight Desert Safari

If you want to experience the desert at night, then an overnight desert safari is the best way to do it. This tour will take you on a jeep ride through the sand dunes and rocky wastelands of Dubai’s desert. You’ll see nocturnal animals like camels, gazelles, and falcons as well as stunning views of stars and moonlight. Most importantly though? You can eat dinner in a desert camp under the stars! The guides will set up tents for everyone to sleep in—but don’t worry about getting cold because there’s plenty of blankets provided by your friendly tour guide (and friend).

There are many safari tours in Dubai, so you need to choose best one according to your time and budget.

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, there are many safari tours in Dubai that you can choose from. There are many options and it’s important to choose best one according to your time and budget. If you want to enjoy your trip with family members then you should select the safari tour according to the size of your family.

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We hope we have helped you choose the perfect safari tour in Dubai. Let us know which safari trip you are going to opt for during your Dubai trip, happy and safe traveling!

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