Portable Blenders – Why You Should Get One Soon

An integral part of Australian culture is having a laid back attitude and love for the great outdoors. Be it the beach, a day of rugby or exploring the outback, people spend most of their time outside. While the COVID-19 pandemic put a severe cramp on outdoor activities, the restrictions are easing up now, and it is once again possible to set out and have fun in the sun.

A benefit of the lockdown was that people became more health-conscious and mindful towards what they eat. A recent study revealed that 65% of Australians, above the age of 15, engaged in some sport or recreational activity to benefit their health. The consumption of natural health drinks and supplements had gone up too.

While at home, whipping up a health drink recipe would have been possible. But when outdoors, the chances of finding a juicer and a power socket might be nil. The only option would be to carry food and drinks everywhere. But a smoothie made at home probably won’t taste as good later. Thanks to portable blenders, it is possible to make those nutritious drinks whenever and wherever irrelevant of whether there is access to power or not. You can find some top-notch branded portable blenders in Australia, maybe in a local outlet or online. Here are some of the benefits of taking one onboard:

Go Healthy

A smoothie or a booster shake right after a yoga class or a gym session would hit the spot. But it’s essential to consume only fresh produce for better health benefits. Portable blenders have a built-in power back up so users can make their drinks whenever needed, regardless of the place. They come with batteries that can be charged, and last up to 8 uses. They can virtually blend anything, with an rpm (rotations per minute) of 22,000. From seeds to whole fruits, throw them in, and in a press of a button, the drink is ready to go. They function as bottles too, to carry the ingredients one will need for their smoothie, making portable blenders a truly versatile tool.

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The Perfect Picnic

Having a fun picnic on the beach is the perfect way to spend a weekend. Be it with family or with friends, a day out by the ocean is a relaxing and wholesome experience. Food and drink only serve to heighten it. If it is mocktails that are needed to add that perfect finish to the day, the portable blender is capable of this too. A couple of whirrs with the necessary ingredients and the ideal mocktail is ready.

Bring the Club Vibe Home

House parties are all the rage right now, and mixing those cocktails right is one of the things that enhances the vibe of any party. There are several blender cocktail recipes that are relatively easy to make and amazing to taste.

These blenders are also great at mixing personalised drinks according to one’s specifications.

Portable blenders today come with super upgraded hardware like a 150W motor, that’s capable of crushing ice while making any drink; a necessity when mixing drinks. One Watermelon Mai Tai, coming right up.

It is essential to stay hydrated while spending time outside, especially in the sun. The arid weather of Australia in certain places can quickly dehydrate a person, and drinking water alone might not be enough. People will need an electrolyte fix too to keep up their stamina for the rest of the day. A healthy drink will tick all these boxes with the help of the portable blender, keeping one hydrated anytime, anywhere. So if you haven’t got one yet, get the best out of the portable blenders in Australia, and you’ll thank yourself later.

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