Premium Blockchain Certifications: An Overview

The applications of blockchain technology across the industry verticals are growing to a greater extent. Almost all industries are experimenting with blockchain to become more secure and transparent.

The main use cases of blockchain technology include smart contracts, supply chains, payment settlements, identity management, data management, and healthcare. Some of the major industry verticals realizing the blockchain benefits include banking, healthcare, marketing, insurance, and the lists add-on.

Here are a few of the predictions:

  • The global blockchain market will reach USD 20 billion in the year 2024 as per statistics reports.
  • By 2023, common blockchain platforms will be easy to use and access, will support trusted private transactions with required data confidentiality, and interoperate, Gartner, reports.
  • Economists and market analysts say that blockchain is the future.
  • Blockchain will pioneer a new way of economic development.
  • By 2022, digital e-commerce companies like Facebook, Uber, PayPal, and Airbnb will provide mobile-enabled cryptocurrency wallet services and platforms to more than 750 million customers.

The growing adoption of blockchain technology across industries will lead to a rise in a career in blockchain technology and demand for blockchain certified professionals. If you are looking forward to owning a blockchain professional certification, become a blockchain developer, engineer, or leader in the domain, then you are at the right place. Get introduced to the blockchain certifications offered by the Central Council of America [CBCA] here. The uniqueness of CBCA qualifications is that the content is valuable, vendor-neutral, and strictly adheres to the CBCA UBKFTM standards framework.

Let’s understand the impact of blockchain certifications on industries and professionals’ career here.

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Adoption of CBCA standards in the organization: The impact

Adoption of CBCA standards in business and organization builds a strong foundation for continued success and sustained growth. Organizations that are compliant with the CBCA Blockchain Technology Development Standards – Release 17.2-2018 will have the highest level of expertise in developing blockchain technologies and applications. A few of the benefits include:

  • Optimization of internal value-chain
  • Robustness in business growth and diversification
  • Increased agility in developing new products
  • Expanded innovation capabilities
  • Established system for developing world-class products
  • Increased value for the organization
  • Establishment of performance-driven work environment and culture
  • Improved talent retention and trust in customers

Similarly, CBCA provides blockchain certifications for professionals aspiring to establish their careers in the blockchain industry. Let’s understand more about the blockchain certifications here.

Earning CBCA Certifications by Professionals: The benefits

CBCA offers three main certifications for aspiring professionals. They are:

Business Blockchain Professional (BBP)

The BBPTM certification from CBCA enables the certified professional to take blockchain initiatives, implement the right strategies, and propose programs for vendors. The professional gets introduced to the blockchain concepts, their impact on organizations, and covers all the business aspects of an organization adopting blockchain.

Certified Blockchain Engineer (CBE)

The CBE™ program is another best qualification that enables professionals to engineer blockchain technology for business purposes. The CBE™ certified professionals get acquainted with the knowledge to develop blockchain applications for multiple platforms including Hyperledger, IOTA, Hydrachain, Ethereum, Stratis, Lisk, and OpenChain.

Global Blockchain Leader (GBL)

The GBLTM program is a must for blockchain leaders as the program envelopes the essential aspects of blockchain. As a leader, you can choose methodologies necessary for blockchain adoption, strategize, and govern blockchain in your industry. The implementation of blockchain technology requires an understanding of the technology and the application of specific laws. It enables global blockchain leaders to use advanced analytics, hunt failure models, and conduct due diligence while adopting blockchain in their organization.

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To know more about CBCA qualifications, candidacy tracks, and other information, visit the website here. Be the next prized blockchain certified professional! Earn a certification, expand your knowledge, and perspective to leverage blockchain technology for organizational and career benefits.