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Prolong Your Deep Sleep By Following This Bedtime Routine

It is very apparent that adopting good habits is way tougher than adopting bad habits. But, some good habits are so undermined that people are not even aware that they exist. For instance, just like our parents and world keeps boasting about doing so and so first when we wake up in the morning, none of them has ever emphasized much on what we should or should not be doing before going to bed. So, in this blog, we share with you the good habits that you must adopt to increase the quality and quantity of your sleep. Let us begin!

  • Bedtime Routine-

Do you even realise whatever you experience throughout the day has an impact on the quality of your sleep? When you take a lot of stress, have anxiety issues, you are bound to have distracted sleep or even become sleepless. Now, there is a limit to how much you can control what happens in the day, this is why it is essential to follow a bedtime routine to help you sleep better. The time and commitment that a bedtime routine requires is nothing as compared to the results that it would give. So, make sure you have one and follow it diligently. For best results, we suggest you do it regularly. 

  • Meditation-
    No matter how good quality mattress you are using, if you are not releasing the thoughts that are toxic with the help of meditation then even that would not help. Also, if you are someone who has the habit of taking pills, you would not need them from now on! Just forget the right and wrong, and begin giving it a shot. Lie on the bed and think of the clouds moving while your thoughts are releasing. You can even download meditation apps and do as they say if you need guidance.
  • Breathe in and out deeply-
    Breathing exercises are also a great way to meditate and are also considered good to promote sleep. The process is quite simple. You just need to breathe in slowly and exhale the air slowly. You should do it while keeping your eyes shut so that you can observe your breath carefully during this time. This, when done in rhythm, purifies your brain and thoughts like never before.
  • Take a hot shower-
    This bedtime routine is more for those who want to relax their body. Make your room sleep ready and for the same, you need to take a bath in warm water. This will ease the muscle tension and acts as a remedy for the body physically and mentally.

  • Make the room sleep ready-
    By this, we mean that you should set the thermostat to the temperature you feel appropriate. Besides, you should light a scented candle, turn off the lights and play soft and relaxing music. Not only will this be therapeutic but also just the perfect environment to sleep.
  • Make the room darker-
    During sleep, make it a pact that you will never sleep in loud music and especially in a lighted room. The room should be dark even if the light enters in nighttime from the balcony, invest in good blackout curtains. You might be thinking as to why we are saying so? Well, that is because the sleep hormone is triggered with darkness which is known as melatonin. Also, a great mattress and steering clear off the cell phones is all that you need after that.
  • Drink these teas-
    The chamomile tea, lemon tea, green tea, white tea are known to give you relief from stress. So,l before sleeping make sure you drink any caffeine-free tea and talk to those who matter to you. You can even read a book you love. All of this will help you sleep better on the mattress you have.
  • Pen it down-
    Just letting your thoughts flow in a diary is a stress buster too. Make sure you write about the good and bad things that happened with an attempt to release it all, relax and then sleep. This can actually prolong your deep sleep and will also prevent disturbing dreams. Don’t use your desktop or laptop for maintaining the journal as that will not promote sleep.
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