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The Psychology of Blogging – Who is Behind the Blog?

Blogging sure isn’t easy. It takes a lot of determination and work. You have to keep up with the latest updates in technology and your own posting schedules. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.

Although you can build up to a four-hour work week scenario, it isn’t easy to get there. Blogging can take a lot of your time. And in order for it to grow, it will take constant upkeep. It’s not a set and forget business model. Due to the constant work, blogging takes a specific kind of person. A successful blogger isn’t usually just an average person. It takes certain characteristics for a person to become a successful blogger.

Characteristics and Traits of Successful Bloggers

Successful bloggers didn’t get where they are today just by luck. I mean you definitely need to be lucky, as well. But, just luck will not make you a top blogger. There is a certain psychology of blogging that allows a person to become successful. The field they are in effects the traits and how easy it is to become “successful”.


A blogger, among many other skills, needs to be a good writer. It takes a creative person to write posts and add their own flair to them. Especially for people who are writing on dry topics like history or math. Along with just the writing piece, a lot of bloggers make their own website design. This requires immense amount of creativity. And even for those who don’t make their own layout, they need to think of the type of style they want their blog to take.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Now, not every blog is built to make income for the blogger. So technically, this characteristic isn’t really required for a blogger to have. But if you plan to make money from your blog, then this is a skill that would be ideal for you to have. To me, an entrepreneurial minded person is someone who just always seems to go where the money is. As I said in my introduction to the Simply Learn Business blog, I had a baseball card creation company when I was around 8 or 9. It was just one of my countless zany business schemes when I was younger. I was always going to the money. Therefore, I believe I do have that trait.

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Unless you are creating a partnership or a group blog, you are probably going to need to know how to work independently. Independence is important in life, along with in business and blogging. I would hope most people wouldn’t need too much help in this area. But independence will allow you to effectively work alone and make the most out of your online business. And this is something important for an internet entrepreneur.

Social Nature

I think this is the biggest piece of the puzzle that is a blogger. They want to be social. A blogger puts their text out there to be heard. I mean that’s why we do it in a public forum. This social nature is what inspires us to write. We write so that we gain an audience. For some bloggers, it may be for money, but for the more successful ones it is most likely to be heard. They have information they want to give out to people and since it’s quality people want to consume it.

Do you agree with the traits I have listed or would you add some others? What inspires you to write your blog? Leave a comment below expressing your thoughts. Be heard!

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