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Top 5 Python Frameworks for Web App Development In 2020

The right framework makes the job of offshore web development more comfortable by offering a structure for app development. Frameworks automate the implementation of standard solutions, decrease development time, and allow developers to focus on app logic, instead of routine details.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 full-stack Python Frameworks for Web App Development to consider in 2020. 

But why Python frameworks? 

Because a recent developer survey for 2019 has declared Python as the fastest-growing programming language for custom web development India.

  1. Django

This high-level, full-stack, free, and open-source Python web app development framework encourages developers to develop things rapidly with its realistic design. Created by qualified Python developers, this framework takes care of the critical features of web app development. So, a Python web development companycan focus on developing their app without necessitating to reevaluate the wheel. 

Best Features

  • This Remarkably Fast framework is designed to help developers take apps from inception to conclusion as fast as possible
  • Contains many added features, like user authentication, content administration, site maps, RSS feeds, etc. that make basic web development tasks easier
  • Django offers effective security measures and supports the Python Django Development Company to avoid several native security mistakes, like SQL injection, clickjacking, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, etc. 
  • The user authentication system implements a protected way to handle user-profiles and passwords
  • Django allows fast and flexible scaling to meet the most extensive traffic demands
  • This versatile framework allows companies, organizations to build different things, including content management systems, social networks, scientific computing platforms, and more
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2. Web2Py

This is another free, open-source, full-stack Python web app development framework that allows the user to develop apps faster. This cross-platform framework supports almost all popular operating systems. Further, the Web2Py framework interprets the web app development method through web server, web-based interface, and SQL database. Web2Py allows the Python web development services providers to develop, edit, deploy, and administer web apps through web browsers. 

Best Features

  • It doesn’t require installation and any configuration
  • This cross-platform framework runs on Windows, Unix/Linux, Google App Engine, Mac, Amazon EC2, and on most of all other web hosting through Python 2.7/3.5/3.6/pypy
  • Web2Py can efficiently work with SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, FireBird, Sybase, Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix, Ingres, MongoDB, and Google App Engine due to its amazing database connectivity 
  • It blocks the most prevalent varieties of susceptibilities including Cross-Site Scripting, Injection Flaws, and Malicious File Execution
  • Web2Py has in-built elements to handle HTTP requests, reactions, sessions, and cookies
  • Another key feature of this framework is it uses the ticket-granting device to track the errors and its status

3. TurboGears

The next on the list is TurboGears. This free, open-source, and data-driven full-stack web app development Python framework builds top on the TurboGear1, Django, and Rails. It is created to overcome the shortcomings of several widely used web app development frameworks. TurboGears can work in a more limited set-up to develop the web application. With the help of Javascript developer mechanisms, web development with Pythonframework TurboGears can simplify the development procedure.

Best Features

  • Easy integration with the MochiKit Javascript library
  • Command-line tools
  • Backs SQLObject and SQLAlchemy
  • Sustains multiple databases
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4. CubicWeb

CubicWeb is a semantic, free, and open-source Python web app development framework that allows Python development services providers to adroitly build web apps by reusing the elements (known as cubes) and embracing the well-known object-oriented design systems. CubicWeb is a great solution for semantic web app development that supports reusability, quality, and productivity.


  • Offers a good protection workflow
  • Supports for RDF – Resource Description Framework, and OWL – Web Ontology Language 
  • RQL or Relational Query Language helps analyze the doubts related to data

5. Pyramid

This open-source framework is another noteworthy full-stack, Python-based web app framework that enables Python development services to be done with the least complexities. This Pyramid framework – running on Python 3 – goes on with the latest technological developments. Pyramid 1.10 is the latest version of the framework, and it is the tenth update since its release in 2010. This framework allows developers to work exceptionally with both small and large applications.

Best Features

  • Single-file Applications
  • URL Generation
  • Extendable configuration
  • Inclusive templating and asset particularizations
  • Manageable authentication and authorization
  • Testing, support, and extensive data documentation
  • Choice of templating language, generation libraries, and database layer
  • Pyramid community that is active and possesses many releases that help developers to follow the framework’s progress by joining the official IRC channel

Choosing Full Stack Python Web Framework

Choosing the most suitable framework can be all that you need to develop an influential web app. We hope you have found the right framework for your Python development India project, from this article. Share your valuable views with us. 

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