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Quickbooks Database Server Manager

Quickbooks database server manager or QDSM is a software which helps us to multi-user work in the Quickbooks database server manager. It creates networks data files to share company files with other computers over your network, It helps to monitor multi-user networks.

QDSM is a large useful tool to handle the multiple work file in the company. When we need to do multiple tasks on the computer, install the QDBS

QDBS is a desktop book to store the multiple user files in the computer system with a secure source file.

Quickbooks Database Server Manager is a quick guide to install, update, scan, download, and setup of QuickBooks database server manager.

Installation of Quickbooks Database Server Manager

Installation of Quickbooks Database Server Manager is given in step by step.

  • The first step is :

Download Database Server ManagerAfter completion of download QDSB you need to double click on the install button.

  • The second step is :

Install Database Server Manager
If you are an accountant or someone who hosts multiple versions of QuickBooks desktop on your network, install them in order. Install the oldest version first and end with the most recent.

  • The third  step is :

Carefully read the software agreement and instructions, then accept the terms and conditions and then click the next.

  • The next step is :
  • Click on network option then,
  • Select the Installation method, after that
  • Type in your license number if required
  • Click on yes and allow access
  • Follow the rest of the instruction to install the manager.

How to setup Quickbooks Database Server Manager

  • Download the latest patch for your Quickbooks Database Server Manager
  • Reboot your computer server.
  • You will get a notify “the file of company needs to be updated work with this version of QuickBooks desktop”.
  • Create a backup
  • Open the file after completing the backup
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How to update Quickbooks Database Server Manager

Actually we don’t need to update the Quickbooks Database Server Manager, because it is automatically updated.

Quickbooks Database Server Manager creates network data file with the extension of .ND file on a computer system. We have to use this extension in the QuickBooks database server manager on two basics. We have to follow two cases which are given below:

  1. You can check your computer folder for the company files which you want to configure for multi-user access.
  2. You can inspect your local hard drives for the company files which can have the automatic configure.
Quickbooks databse Server manger

How we access the Quickbooks Database Server Manager

  • First we need to click on the start button.
  • After that go to the program and select it.
  • From there click on the quick button.
  • And at the end we have to select QuickBooks server manager from the QuickBooks.

Advantages of QuickBooks database manager server

There are some advantages of QuickBooks database manager server, these are as follows :-

  • Multiple users
  • Multiple networks file
  • Add a user
  • Multiple version
  • Chronological, sequential, progressive, effective work


I hope you will satisfy after reading this post if you want to know more about Quickbooks database server manage you can contact Quickbooks support or get help from certified Quickbooks Proaadvisor.