Reasons For You To Switch To Kraft Paper Boxes

There has been a lot of debate and discussion on the repercussions of Earth becoming the “Planet Plastic”. Environmental organizations and governments worldwide launched various campaigns on creating awareness about different kinds of pollution that is escalating because of the shopping boxes and bags. With endangered marine life and lurking threats of our planet turning into a garbage bin, businesses are feeling the responsibility and pressure to substitute conventional packaging with the biodegradable one.

Boxes and bags made of kraft paper don’t have any harmful chemical in them. This material grown on the trees is recyclable. We all know how many years it takes to get plastic and other forms of packaging to recycle. So this is the most convincing factor for food and retail manufacturers to consider packaging crafted with kraft stock. Food and eatable items especially the ones that are perishable and should be consumed within a day or two ought to be packaged in kraft boxes and bags that are chemical free. There are many researches that prove the chemical composition of different materials that are avidly utilized for manufacturing and printing packaging boxes and bags.

Brands that are promoting organic and cruelty free products should endorse their merchandise through packaging made of kraft paper. This will encourage other businesses to take the initiative for boosting “Go Green” concept. Saving the earth and protecting marine and other life should be important for every business. The sense of accountability will help us to reduce environmental pollution and giving our generations a worth living planet.

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The rest of the article will focus on the perks of switching to kraft paper packaging!

Boxes Made Of Kraft Are Light Weight

When designing the products and packaging, food, retail and other businesses should consider customer convenience and comfort. If you will package the items in heavy and hard to carry boxes and bags, consumers will find it difficult to use and store them. Boxes and bags printed with kraft are quite light; they allow the shoppers to carry the products effortlessly. Stampa Prints is an online printing company that has made its mark by delivering finest quality kraft and other custom packaging solutions. Whether you are selling scented candles or bath salts, packaging the merchandise in boxes made of kraft will make it simpler for the buyers to use and stock up products.

Kraft Paper Packaging Has A Natural Appeal

Every retailer wants to flaunt the product range in scintillating boxes; packaging printed with kraft paper has a natural and attractive appeal. You can use two-color printing techniques to add a terrific touch to cosmetics, gadgets, food and other boxes. There are plenty of customizations available for this packaging. You can have your business logo embossed in a funky font style on custom kraft boxes. Brown kraft paper can be used for printing boxes that are simplistic or exquisite based on your preferential taste and product specifications. You can experiment with different die-cut shapes and finishing options to make the packaging riveting for the onlookers.

Kraft Paper Boxes Are Easy To Dispose Off

As discussed above, packaging made of kraft is eco-friendly which means you don’t have to put in much effort to discard and recycle it. Boxes for products that carry everyday commodities like breakfast cereals, buns, baked items and soaps should be printed using this material. Packaging that customers will not find difficult to dispose off will also make your items worth purchasing. When getting the boxes customized, make sure that you check out preferred packaging styles according to your industry and choose a layout that makes the boxes easy to get rid of, so that the packaging is made customer and environment-oriented for facilitating shoppers.

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Packaging Made Of Kraft Will Enhance Your Brand’s Image

You can make your brand commendable with the existing and prospective buyers by offering them products in safe kraft boxes and bags. Any and every food, retail and other items can be packaged and promoted using kraft packaging. Customers prefer businesses that are eco-conscious and are making an effort to minimize pollution. So for takeaway, grocery, gadget and all the other retailers turning to earthly brown kraft paper packaging is likely to earn them distinguished market position.

You Can Create Awareness About Alarming Environmental Situation

Another reason that will encourage you to utilize kraft for packaging is that you can educate and enlighten consumers about different kinds of environmental pollution and how damaging it can be. Use pictorial tutorial on the boxes to convey the idea of adopting chemical free and biodegradable packaging materials for a greener future. You can start a sequel of a campaign through packaging to make people more aware of the pollution problems of eco-system.

Boxes for merchandise can be effectively utilized for highlighting a serious issue that needs instant attention. Kraft paper packaging will help you with endorsing your cause and playing your part in saving the planet.