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Know Types and Benefits Of Yoga: Reasons To Start Yoga

There is NO other activity that has evolved to help us with our body, mind, and soul altogether other than YOGA, thus, we need to pay extra attention. Yoga has now become a popular word not only in India but all over the world just because of its several benefits which have been proven by medical science as well. 

Types Of Yoga

Here are the 8 major types of yoga:

  1. Hatha yoga
  2. Restorative yoga
  3. Kripalu yoga
  4. Iyengar yoga
  5. Ashtanga yoga
  6. Vinyasa yoga
  7. Bikram yoga
  8. Yin yoga

As you might already that know that yoga is an ancient practice with its origins stretching back thousands of years in India, it is estimated that yoga originated in India more than 5000 years ago and was practiced by many saints and then yogis. Yoga was developed to help attain a more positive outlook towards life with a permanent sense of calmness. With the help of several easy to hard jaw-dropping asanas and breathing techniques, you can easily attain amazing benefits in NO TIME. Yoga will help you to be perfectly fit, not just physically but mentally as well. Yoga practice will help you by offering a series of stretches and poses can be done along with breathing techniques. Yoga packs powerful benefits of many exercises in a very gentle practice and almost anyone can do it regardless of their gender and age group.

Yoga is all about uniting your mind and body by doing several great poses which will help you to balance your body, mind, and spirit. One may find some yoga styles are intense and vigorous and at the same time, some are very relaxing, easy to pose, and meditative. No matter which type of yoga poses you choose or what is your aim to practice yoga, it is a great way to stretch and strengthen your body, focus your mind, and relax your spirit now, then and forever. Yoga Teacher Training in India is a great way to learn more about yoga and meditation

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Benefits of Doing Yoga

  • Poor blood circulation
  • High BP
  • Make your present beautiful
  • Sleep well
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Limited mobility
  • Lower back pain
  • Headaches
  • stress and tension
  • Depression

As you might already know there are a number of benefits of practising yoga on a daily basis which will help you in living a very simple and healthy life. Yoga won’t only make your body stronger, but at the same time, your mind and soul will become stronger and pure. You will start thinking in a positive manner, avoid any bad practices and eliminate all tensions from your life. It will help in making you very flexible and stay limber and energetic. There are a number of branches of yoga, like hatha yoga, ashtanga, vinyasa and others, you should choose your style and incorporate yoga in your daily life and attain great benefits, including- 

Avoid stress and tension

Practice yoga every day and eliminate all stress and get relief.  Today, stress and anxiety both are part of everyone’s life, which easily put you in trouble due to various mental issues, negative approach towards life, anger and those sleepless nights. It is good to encourage relaxation with the help of yoga as it helps to lower the levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and offer a good time even in those stressful situations. Yoga incorporates many breathing exercises known as “Prayanama” into the practice which helps to increase the oxygen levels in the brain and reduce stress.

Sleep well

There are many people who are suffering from insomnia which is not good for mental as well as physical health. If you are suffering from the same, instead of taking pills you should try the natural and inexpensive practice called yoga for a sound good night’s sleep. If you are less stressed you will sleep better, and when you sleep better you will wake up fresh and stress-free in the morning. It has been proven that yoga can improve the quality of your sleep and help you to work better the next day. 

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Make your present beautiful

Yoga not only gives you mental peace and makes your mind positive, but it also contributes a lot in keeping your body fit and flexible. You must practice yoga every day in order to stay fit, flexible and energetic in any phase of your life. Yoga helps in avoiding various health issues, including- pain in the body, diabetes, best for losing weight fast, healthy and beautiful skin, high and low blood pressure, chronic pain, diabetes and various others which will greatly improve the quality of your life in the present as well as future. So, you should include this 15-30 minutes activity in your life that can easily be done in any corner of your house and stay fit and gain inner peace. Yoga Teacher Training Course is a great way to become a certified yoga teacher and start your own yoga studio, then you should join the 500-hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh and give your new career a flight.

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