Regular Shafts vs. Golf Shafts for Seniors

You may have noticed that golf shafts are all given their own special ratings from manufacturers. In fact, you may be very well familiar with this, though some of the fine points may elude you. Especially if you are a younger or an amateur player, you may value a little insight into the differences between different shaft ratings. It can seem rather intuitive – albeit not quantifiably – what the general differences are between a stiff and an extra stiff shaft. But when you get into some of these other terms like amateur, ladies and seniors it doesn’t appear to be as straightforward. Here’s the good news – the differences between Golf Shafts For Seniors and other golf shafts are much more basic than you might have thought.

As you may have noticed, most of the other ratings are explicitly based on the stiffness of the golf shaft, and lucky for you, that’s no different when it comes to golf shafts for seniors. In a very basic nutshell, senior golf shafts are slightly more flexible than regular golf shafts to accommodate the somewhat lower average swing speed of older players. In general terms, senior golf shafts are stiff enough to accommodate swing speeds of up to about 90 mph, although there is some room slightly above and more below that estimate. Occasionally, you will find senior shafts in lighter weights as well.

Basically, a senior golf shaft is more flexible. Here’s some more good news. That’s the same basic difference between regular shafts and ladies and amateur shafts as well. They all are slightly more flexible than regular and stiffer shafts and made to accommodate a slower swing.

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Therefore the question that remains to be answered is why is it necessary to make these shafts more flexible? Stiffer shafts are generally better suited to players with faster swing speeds for a couple of reasons. The first is in the ability of the player to deliver energy to the ball. Flexibility can sometimes get in the way in this regard. Additionally, more experienced players may not appreciate the extra flexibility because it has the potential to adversely affect the accuracy of their swing. If that is the case, it can also have a negative effect on their ability to control the ball flight trajectory as well as distance.

That’s the basic reason that some more experienced players look for stiffer or even extra stiff shafts, as well as why less experienced players may start with or even prefer more flexible shafts. Shaft flex is a big indicator of what type of swing speeds a shaft can accommodate as well as how the golf ball will be affected in its flight. Senior flex is more flexible and regular flex is less flexible and thus stiffer is better for high swing speeds.

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