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Reliable Uses of a Dubai Dedicated Server – Best Hosting Provider Onlive Server

Dubai Dedicated Server by Stable Hosting Provider – Onlive Server

There are a number of useful things that you can do with a Dubai dedicated server and we will be having a look at them here. By far, one of the most popular uses of a dedicated server in Dubai is for hosting websites. It is important to have a dedicated server if you own a large and intensive site that witnesses millions of visitors every week. Shared hosting would not be the perfect option for your large website mainly because you are sharing the site hosting with other users. This further means that the disk space and bandwidth on the hosting server is limited. This can prove to be disastrous. Since your website remains restricted in a way, visitors will not be able to use the site which will mean low revenues. This is not the case with Dubai Dedicated Server Hosting mainly because there is just one site being hosted on the server and that is yours. This means there is no sharing of disk space or bandwidth. You get ample space for hosting your site and it grows potentially well.

Charges of Dubai Hosting Plans

Dubai Dedicated Server
Dubai Dedicated Server

There are many other uses of a dedicated server enumerated below:

Use Dedicated Servers for Backup

Coming up with a success business site takes a lot of money and time. Perhaps, there is nothing worse than reaping success from a site that is able to attract a lot of visitors everyday only to find that the website has gone down. There are times when sites are even hacked and it might become almost impossible for the owners to back up data and have the site up and running all over again. This will further have the owners not just losing their site but even their income and the customers. Coming up with regular back-ups of the site can help in doing away with this problem. The best place where you can do so is a dedicated server.

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Using Dedicated Servers for Hosting Personal Cloud Space

The Cloud has gained a lot of popularity in making it easier for users to access and save data. One of the biggest advantages of Cloud is you can store almost anything in this including pictures, documents, presentations, videos, emails, spread sheets and calendars. Almost any business undertaking can benefit by providing employees easy access to private cloud spaces. Well, this is possible only by making heavy payments for hosting a site on a dedicated server.

Using Dedicated Servers for Communication

UAE based dedicated servers available from Onlive Server can even be used for establishing communications. This will involve the use of an email server or an IRC. IRC or internet relay chat is one of the most perfect choices for getting in close with employees and for sending messages at the same time. Even the email servers for companies work very well on dedicated servers. Windows and Linux operating system options are available with control panel options being Plesk and DirectAdmin. Other features include Intel Xeon processors, 500 GB storage space, 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, 3.80 GHz CPU speed and 1000 GB with 100 Mbps bandwidth.


FAQs regarding dedicated server hosting are as under:

  • Is it possible to sue a dedicated server as a test server?

Yes, dedicated servers can always be used for setting up test servers that can serve as ideal places for checking new software and applications.

  • How to manage smart equipment with a dedicated server?

Smart devices have embedded sensors that can easily be identified by dedicated servers.

  • Are my uses of a dedicated server restricted?
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No, you can use your dedicated server for a number of reasons you might like. Buy it from ultimate Hosting Provider is Onlive Server.

  • What to consider when choosing a dedicated server?

The specification of the server is the most important thing for you to consider in making the right choice.

  • What else to consider?

Factor in the expenses that will go into buying the server.

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