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How to build your own rental marketplace business with Airbnb Clone Software?

Rental business in today’s world is growing rapidly. Every entrepreneur is showing a huge interest in the rental business. While several business-minded entities have entered and established themselves in the market, still there is a space for others.

Most of the rental industries are concentrating on developing business plans and new strategies for the business. So we can expect a bright future for the rental business.

Why Rental business needs Airbnb clone?

There are several factors that are responsible for the growth and development of the rental industry. Here are some of the prominent reasons why rental business needs Airbnb clone,

  • Easy availability and use
  • More choices for business space
  • Flexibility
  • Financial benefit to the business

In search of the best Airbnb clone?

Nowadays, starting a rental business is trending but the main problem resides in building the marketplace platform, technical development cost and the time required to manage the project and marketing. We identified this concern and bring out a product named RentALL (Airbnb clone).
It helps entrepreneurs instantly set up their own rental marketplace very quickly without spending more money and time.

How Airbnb clone serves as the best choice for a rental business?

Now I’m going to share must-have features and benefits which are available in RentALL. These features help you get more customers by providing a better experience and stand out from the crowd to become a successful one in the competition.

Just start scrolling,

Must-have features for a rental business

Advanced search filters

It is one of the most essential features that help the users to search specific listings with various filters. This feature makes them convenient to process the bookings faster and easier too.

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Calendar and seasonal pricing

This feature helps to set pricing for a particular day or a season. It can be done by choosing the specific days in the calendar and setting up the different pricing in the session price.

Stripe connect

Guests can make a secure payment through Stripe that helps them complete transactions quickly in a hassle-free manner. Its friendly approach provides more reliability for the users and it is widely accepted in many countries.


This wish list feature helps in pinning all the desired listing and save it for future reference. It helps in increasing the sales and user engagement.

Exploring the benefits of rental business – Why RentALL?

When it comes to the marketplace, there are many choices to consider. But below are the specific need for choosing RentALL,

  • 100% customizable
  • Built with modern technologies
  • User-friendly experience
  • Availability of multilingual and multi-currency support
  • Hassle-free payment


I hope now you had clear cut knowledge of the rental marketplace and the necessary features to build such marketplaces. Start building your own rental platforms with the help of  RentALL .