Review of CAtestseries and Other Online Test Series Websites Like Prepca & Uncram

Abhishek Kumar (CA Finalist), Jaipur, india

I’ve been trying to clear my CA inter from 2 years and later joined 2 test series in which one was CAtestseries and one other. In Nov-18 I cleared my Inter hopefully. I’ll tell you guys which test series help me most. I had experienced 3 websites of online test series. This is collective review of me and my friend’s experience who have currently attempted the papers and test series. So, let’s start-

Faculty – The faculty of CAtestseries is supportive and experienced. Their checking system is very helpful to me. They don’t tick or cross them but also point me where I went wrong. The suggestive answer will be given in my dashboard in 2-3 days after test so I can compare my test. I receive good support from examiners also.

Prepca – The faculty of other online test series was experienced and they did help me a lot. Their checking was as far as good, but there was only one issue. They just make it right or cross it all. If I don’t call them and tell them that I need solution, they just don’t provide me. Looking at my checked sheet didn’t help me at all so it wasn’t that good experience for me.

Uncram – My friend opted this, no words to experess about their services. Beware before opting.

Tests and Question papers-

CAtestseries- Their tests are more realistic and are toughest. They were completely balanced with apt proportion of easy, moderate and tough questions. Notes provided by them were just big help for me because almost 50% paper came from there.

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Doubt Clearing Session

Prepca – If I had any doubt that in my test that question was right but got checked wrong and I will contact them to recheck that, they will take forever to recheck it. And about doubts I have in any question, rather they will say, solution is given or you can revise question so you can memories them. On other hand with CAtestseries. if I have doubts that my questions get checked wrong, they will recheck them within the same day, however that happened rare to find their checking wrong. They strictly check question and even I left working note they mention them to write for gaining extra marks. And for my doubts, they replied them after 2-3 days which are very satisfying and help me a lot.


Other Online- Their prices are like normal when you get registered. But after buying test you got to know that you need to pay extra charges for getting additional notes and more facilities. I seriously paid double amount of test series I bought at first. At first I thought their prices are bit higher than the other test series I joined but I got cash-back with their current offer to paying with PayPal so it was normal. But I was surprised when I saw all notes and amendments were also available there. They didn’t ask for any extra charges for that like I did for other test series.

In my views, we join the test series to pass ca exams, price is not the determinant. Hardly the difference in price is not more than 100 rupee. We should join the test series from best website.

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Passing % of CAtestseries v/s other test series

I referred catestseries to more than 20 friends and the review is awesome. Currently, they publish their past result also. According I figure out some data. Kindly check it.

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