Role of Yoga in Improving the Digestive System of the Body

Just like other organs in your body, your digestive organs are susceptible to many disorders and diseases. Mainly, the reason behind this could be the rough and tough lifestyle including unhealthy food habits and inclination towards junk food. This leads to issues related to digestive organs. Performing Yoga on a daily basis eventually helps in preventing various kinds of problems associated with your digestive organs. There are a number of Yoga Courses in India that focuses on the process of digestive cleansing with the help of Yoga and herbs.

Be a part of Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh to learn about the positive impact of Yoga on our body. Yoga provides internal massages to the digestive tract including the other organs that play vital role in the process of digestion such as stomach, pancreas, liver and intestine. However, at Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh you would get to know more about the holistic way of healing your digestive system. You can read this article to understand in-depth.

How can Yoga Asanas improve the digestive system?
• All these Yoga Asanas stretches the body, leading to the massaging of the abdominal muscles. Due to the practicing, the food could easily move along the digestive tract.
• It also increases the appetite and establishes a proper balance in the metabolism.
• It relieves the constipation and also increases the movement of the bowel.
• The circulation of the blood increases in the digestive organs.
• When you do practice Yoga Asanas, it encourages you to eat healthy leading to a good digestion.
• It is with the help of regular Yoga Practice, fats can be dissolved from the body.
• Toxins, accumulated from junk food are flushed out and the body is entirely detoxed with the help of Yoga.
Important Yoga poses to prevent Digestive Problems
Check out the list of Yoga Poses that you might find helpful if you are suffering from digestion issues.
Naukasana or Boat Pose
• At first, you are supposed to lie down with your feet together and arms just beside your body
• Repeat the process of inhaling and exhaling, you must life your chest up and feet off the ground
• You must stretch your arms towards the feet
• Make sure your eyes, fingers and toes must be aligned
• As your abdominal muscle would contract, you would feel the tension in your naval area
• While you are performing the pose, keep breathing deeply but easily
• Now, exhale slowly, come back to the ground slowly
• Relax now
Ustrasana or Camel Pose
• First of all, kneel on your Yoga mat and then you must place your hands on hips
• Your shoulders and knee must be aligned
• Your soul of the feet must face towards the ceiling
• Now, inhale you are supposed to draw your tail bone towards the pubis
• Coinciding, make sure you slide your palms over your feet and also arch your back till the arms are straight
• Make sure your neck is in a neutral position
• You must stay in the same posture for at least a couple of breaths
• Now exhale and get back to the original position
Ardha- Matsyendrasana or Half-spinal twist
• Sit down, stretch your legs straight in front of you
• Make sure your spine is erect and feet together
• Now, bend the left leg slowly
• You must place the left foot beside the right hip
• Take the right leg over the left knee
• Keeping your right hand behind you, now place the left hand on your right knee
• You must twist the shoulders, neck and waist consecutively to the right
• Now, look over the right shoulder
• Your back should be straight
• Hold on for a moment and inhale and exhale
• Now breathe out, release the right hand at first, then the waist, chest and then the neck
• You must repeat it to the other side as well
• Breathe out and get back to the initial pose
Read this article to collect more information and knowledge about the different Yoga poses that could help you to take proper prevention from the different digestive problems.

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