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Rolex Will Launch 2020 New Watches in September

Rolex aficionados seem to have already lost hope to catch sight of any new Rolex watches in 2020. Rolex avowed in April that they would postpone the release of its new watches for 2020 indefinitely. Also, the brand was reported to shut down its factory for the rising concern of COVID-19.

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Altogether, it virtually affirmed that Rolex might delay unleashing of new models.  In fact, watch community speculated that the Geneva-based Swiss brand would boot the entire 2020 launch event in the next year.

However, what came as a big surprise or precisely, an early Christmas gift is the current announcement that the Crown will unveil its 2020 collection in September.

Release Date of 2020 Rolex Watches

Rolex has set a launch date for its new watches for 2020. Reports say that retailers and journalists have been called on to keep September 1 to 4 available. The Crown will hold a coordinated global launch of this year’s collections.

The news comes as much delight for Rolex watch enthusiasts and collectors. Also, retailers across the world will perceive the report as a significant relief. This is obvious as a considerable portion of the annual sales relies on Rolex watches.

News That Sparked Much Excitement

Rolex had to call off Baselworld event due to the pandemic.  Additionally, news confirmed postpone of the brand’s new launches for 2020. Thus, speculations on what the Crown is planning about its latest releases increased with ongoing time.

So far, there are no new watches for 2020 from the brand. Also, Rolex has not discontinued any model. Either way, it seemed reasonable to surmise what plan Rolex has for 2020.

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While Rolex declares the date for 2020 new watch release, it eventually sparked much excitement among countless people.

Rolex’s Former Assertion In April              

A spokesperson of Rolex said –

“Following the cancellation of Baselworld 2020 in March due to the Covid-19 situation, we had announced that we would unveil our products at the end of April and scheduled a number of press briefings to showcase them. In view of the continuing extremely difficult context impacting the entire world, and in order to protect people by avoiding gatherings and one-to-one meetings, we have decided to postpone the announcements to a later date. We have presently nit defined a new timing for our release; we will get back to you in due time with further information.”

No Confirmation of New Watch Models in 2020

Rolex has officially named a release date of new 2020 timepieces. But the elite manufacturer has not yet confirmed the number of new watches it will ultimately introduce. So, speculations again continue at this point.

Rolex can unveil a full collection that it might have planned for 2020 in advance. On the contrary, Rolex can pin down a couple of selected references from a particular collection.

Either way, there is a strong probability that Rolex will unleash a highly sought-after watch in a steel version. Also, keeping in mind that Rolex has not updated the Submariner ideally since 2010, it seems pretty poised for a refurbish.

However, there might be an upgrade on the Calibre 3135 to Calibre 3235, boosting the accuracy and power reserve. Nevertheless, a few brand new models may also make a debut.

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Other Scenarios to Consider

  • September Might Be Just a Sneak Peak

All sectors or industries typically held press events to announce any new releases. It takes place before a company officially introduces its new products.

However, it’s no secret that the pandemic situation has intercepted many meetings and events. Thus, it is possible what is described as a coordinated global launch on September 1 to 4 can be ultimately an official release that is set up for later in this year. 

  • COVID-19 Can Cause Further Delay

The coronavirus pandemic crisis is not over yet. Thus, the uncertainty remains on the occurrence of any large-scale events even later in this year. Should conditions across the globe improve, the global launch of new 2020 Rolex watches may take place without any hindrance as per the expectations of the watch community.

Otherwise, Rolex’s September watch launch program will either get postponed or entirely cancelled.


Rolex has always been tight-lipped about its plans and productions. Thus, Rolex only knows its plan for 2020. And people have to hold on their excitement until September 1. However, the news of the 2020 new Rolex watch release date has increased speculations among watch collectors more than before.