Romantic Getaways in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one tourist ghetto in Asia. When it opened its doors to the global economy, it naturally became a tourist destination who did not just enjoy the view, where some even chose to stay. Amidst the concrete jungle that Hong Kong is known for, it is also budding with romantic getaways for couples who want to enrich and enjoy their time together. Here are some romantic activities that you and your partner do.

Rice the classic tram. There’s something romantic riding vintage transportation. A movie-like scene where both of you run to catch the tram laughing and running out of breathe as you hop on one. The Hong Kong Tram also brings you to another romantic destination at the top of the country.

Victoria Peak

Fall in love all over again as you stand holding hands admiring the panoramic view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.


Loosen up and let the child in you come out to play with your partner. Reminisce your childhood days with Mickey and friends. Release those happy hormones together as you ride those exhilarating rides that will make you both shout and laugh at the same time. Experience the magic of Disney as you cap off the night with a parade and fireworks display.

Shop at a street market

As the adage says, “A happy wife is a happy life.” Spoil your partner a bit indulging them to a shopping spree at the Ladies Market. As you shop for souvenir items to bring home.

Watch the Symphony of lights

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Tsim Sha Tsui promenade, located at the other side of the harbor, showcases the infamous Hong Kong skyline, which is best seen at night. If that is not enough, from the promenade, you can hop on a ferry to see a different perspective of the country.

Get onboard the Star Ferry

Watch Hong Kong’s nightscape from Victoria Harbor as you ferry your way to the other side of the city. Nothing can be more romantic than propping on the boat’s rails with your loved one. Seal the memory with a perfect shot as a couple with Hong Kong skyline as a backdrop.


Believe it or not, Hong Kong has excellent nature to boasts. What is great about the country is that it is just a few minutes ride from the city. You can hop on a train or double deck bus to get to a beach. In Hong Kong, you have nine beaches to choose from. Feel the breeze and walk barefoot as you hold hands with your loved one along the secluded beach of Tung Wan.

Dragon’s Back

Push each other’s limit as you hike Dragon’s Back. The trail can take up to 3 hours, thus, a great way to encourage each other to keep moving forward. Like any relationship, this is a physical test that will induce trust and resilience despite any hardship. The trek leads you to a breathtaking 360 view of Hong Kong. As you trek down, end the day with a refreshing Hong Kong massage to soothe those tired feet and muscles.

Give in to your cravings

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Indulge your gastronomic senses with the exquisite taste of Hong Kong delicacies. Treat yourself to a Michelin star restaurant like Tim Ho Wan as you savor their enormous dim sum and other delicacies. Feast your eyes as you enjoy the cuisine and marvel at the artworks in Bibo and Djapa.


Experience a world-class nightlife as you go bar hopping in the SoHo District. Lan Kwai Fong is an entertainment district where you can party the night away with expats from all over the world.

For an intimate night, you can grab a cocktail or get fancy with a tea set at one of the skyscrapers in the International Finance Center (IFC).

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