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Safety Rules when using Hand Tools

There are plethoras of hand tools present in the market, and all these tools require safety. Improper usage of these tools can cause serious injuries. Complacency and lack of awareness while using these tools are among the top causes of injury.

Adapting proper hand tool safety tips can reduce the risk of accidents and get your job done faster.

This article enlists safety tips when using hand tools. These rules will help in keeping all workers safe.

  1. Read the Instruction Manual Carefully

Hand Tools come with instruction manuals as they can prove to be very dangerous if not used properly. Every manufacturer is provided with a manual on how to use the desired hand tool in a proper manner.

It consists of the following information:-

  • Details about how to use the tool.
  • How to reduce the risk of injury when using hand tools.
  • Provide in-depth instructions on what PPE is recommended when using hand tools.
  • Keep Hand Tools in Good Working Conditions

The safe use of the tools begins with the tools that are in proper working condition. For cutting, the blade of the tool should be sharp. Dull blades require more force to cut, thus can cause tool slipping.

When using a tool, check all the parts, any cracks or loose portion. Any tool which doesn’t meet the standard requirement of a proper tool should be replaced.

Tools should be clean regularly, especially the tool handles. Handles are more prone to infectious bacteria and viruses. This one hazard is often overlooked by the workers. Hence, tools should be properly clean after use.

  • Choose the Right Tools
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Quality tools are durable and safe to use than the cheap tools. Your worker’s safety is of utmost importance. Choose the tools that have a comfortable design. It will reduce the possibility of injuries.

Also, look at the weight of the tool. It must not be too heavy that cause problem when working.

  • Safety Tips for Using Hand Files, Chisel, Tool Boxes, and Cabinets

When using these tools, keep the following tips in mind.

  • When using a file, hold the handle in one hand and the file toe in another.
  • If possible, hold a chisel with the tool holder.
  • Use a sharpened blade chisel.
  • Don’t use toolbox, chest or cabinet as a workbench.
  • Make sure to lock all the drawers of the toolbox when moving it to a new location.

General Instructions For all Hand Tools

  • Keep the workplace clean and store these tools properly when not in use.
  • Always wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like eyewear, gloves, goggles, etc.
  • Use clamps for small work.
  • Handle the pointed tools with care.
  • Keep chisels and punches in good condition. The mushroom head can cause serious injuries.
  • Use the tools that are designed to keep your wrist in the straight position.
  • Replace cracked or worn pipe tools, pliers, jaws, or wrenches.
  • Don’t force screws. Use correct screws for the job.
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