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Save Time with Online Invoice Generator

When I just started my business, I thought it would be good to do as much as possible myself. The administration, handling of my VAT and sending invoices. That way I could save a lot of money, I thought. As my company continued to grow, I regularly ran out of time. Where I first saved money by doing business myself, I became increasingly stuck and I could write fewer hours on my projects. When I was sending my invoices for the umpteenth time in the weekend, I decided I had to do it differently. I then started looking for a number of programs that could take the work off my hands. I hired an accountant and started using online billing software. With this I could still send my invoices myself, but it took me much less time. Because I am with Invoice office started working I now have much less stress and I send error-free invoices in an instant. In retrospect, I should have taken that step much earlier, but I am glad I am using it now.

Benefits of Billing Software

A good invoice program has a number of major advantages:

  • send invoices with a proper format
  • less chance of making mistakes
  • sending is easier
  • doing administration becomes easier

Because I have to perform fewer actions with the Online invoicing software from the invoice office, I have a much lower chance of making a mistake. And every entrepreneur knows that an incorrect invoice must be corrected again with a credit invoice. This way you can spend endless time doing your administration. That no longer applies to me. Online billing software keeps track of everything for me, and my accountant also knows how to work with it. For me it is a golden combination: my bookkeeper and billing software. I can only recommend it to other entrepreneurs. You can also use Invoice Office much more than just sending invoices. You can also manage inventories, store customers and suppliers, register projects and working hours. With all these functions, doing your administration really becomes a lot easier. The better your information is stored, the easier it becomes. In this way, your administration becomes a job that you enjoy, instead of a tedious task that you prefer to postpone.

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Try Invoicing Software for free

Some people are a bit hesitant about switching to a new invoice program. You may have to pay immediately while you still do not know if you are satisfied with the billing software. That is why I found it extra sympathetic that this did not apply to the billing office. Here I could first send three invoices or quotes and see how I found that before I had to pay. It is even possible to send all your invoices for free, if you use your invoice generator software only three times a month. That was not feasible for me, and it was not necessary. The billing software costs reasonable price per month. Curious about the possibilities? Try out your Invoice Office today, without paying. 

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