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Guide to Choosing the Best Hospital Bed Mattress

Buying a hospital bed mattress becomes easy when you know certain key factors. In this section, we will help you find the best quality hospital mattress.

Buying a hospital bed mattress can have an array of benefits to the patients. Hospital beds are different from regular bed mattresses as they are catered to provide patients with maximum comfort and support.

Bedridden patients should leverage the benefits offered by the hospital bed mattress to get quality rest they need.

If you are thinking of buying one then following are the factors that you should be considering-

The Purpose

The first thing you should consider while buying a hospital bed mattress is the reason for purchase. Depending on your need you can decide the type of mattress you need to buy.

Whether you buy an air mattress for a hospital bed or any other kinds, make sure it offers the right flexibility that allows the shoulders and hips to rest comfortably without putting too much pressure on your lower back. 

Another key consideration of buying the hospital mattress is that they should be able to promote proper circulation without inserting too much pressure. 


A quality hospital mattress should be able to support a patient’s body weight while considering the pressure zones. The pressure is optimally distributed at the head, hips, shoulders and heels. Patients who spend longer time resting in bed tend to experience the most pressure in these areas.  

Maximum Comfort 

Typically, hospital bed mattresses and wedges for bed positioning are designed to provide maximum comfort to the patients. If you are not comfortable resting in a bed all day long, it will be difficult for you to fall asleep or you experience interrupted sleep. The bed you choose should be able to conform to the different positions you change throughout the night. 

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In air mattress for a hospital bed or any other form of mattress, you will get two types of firmness option- firms and soft. Typically, people choose a firm mattress over the soft mattress as they are considered to be more supportive. 

While true, you should not get a mattress that is too firm as it will be too rigid to provide you with quality sleep. Similarly, when the mattress becomes too soft, it becomes difficult to change the position and get in the morning. It would help if you got a mattress that is the right blend of softness and firmness. 

High Breathability 

A mattress should have air permeability to stay dry and comfortable. This also ensures that you do not have to deal with odour issues in your mattress. So, look for mattresses that are designed to offer proper air circulation. 


Mattresses are an expensive purchase, and you should be able to use them for a long period. This is why you should consider the durability offered by the brand.

A quality mattress would comfortably last over a decade. Air mattresses for hospital beds offer the longest lifespan. 

With the above points in mind, you will be able to buy mattresses that will help you in getting a comfortable sleep.

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