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SMOOP is the specialist in Search Engine Optimalisation or SEO in Zuid-Holland. This allows you to make your organization’s website better findable for potential interested parties through search engines such as Google. SMOOP has a specialized SEO agency that focuses specifically on organizations in South Holland. Experience shows that regular personal contact with the client SEO results greatly benefits. The better we know the organizations of our clients, the better we can do our job. Being found with SEO Katwijk starts with an SEO specialist from SMOOP!

How does search engine marketing or SEO work?

The beauty of the internet, and therefore also search engine optimization, is that every website is the same for search engines. Every site is judged with exactly the same standards by, for example, Google. With SEO you can make the difference: with SEO you help the search engines to find your website better. The better your SEO, the higher the site of your organization appears in the search results. With companies it is also important that their website appears higher in the search results than their competitors. Competitors who may be in better locations in the physical world. A SEO expert from SMOOP will be happy to help you with that!

High in search results

A high position in the search results is better because potential customers often look no further than the first results that, for example, Google, Bing and Yahoo yield. If you’re not there, then as a company in South Holland you don’t actually count online. With a good SEO strategy you can generate leads and win customers. Compare it to a shopping street: a busy shopping street generates more turnover than a less prominent shopping street. Get high in the search results with SEO Katwijk aan zee from SMOOP.

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Local, national and international

Depending on the target group(s) your organization wants to reach, you can zoom in with SEO. You can choose between a local focus, a national focus, an international focus or a combination thereof. A local focus on for example Katwijk aan zee is easier and therefore cheaper to realize than an (inter)national focus.

SEO Katwijk by the sea for SMEs

SMOOP provides the SME Topper service especially for SMEs. This is SEO that is tailored to the specific needs of SME companies based in Zuid-Holland. Market-oriented organizations need a different type of SEO than government agencies and non-profit organizations. We (h) recognize the differences between organizations and their target groups and therefore know how to use SEO so that your company head and shoulders above it. Of course from the perspective of your target group (s).

Non-profit Katwijk by the sea

For non-profit and government organizations in South Holland, SMOOP also has customized solutions to become more findable for target groups. Especially for government organizations it is important to first make an intermediate step with target group-oriented thinking. For example by having separate websites made for certain target groups. The more specific a site is tailored to a certain target group, the better it can be found. When building sites, we are also happy to be of service to your organisation. This also has the advantage that we build it in such a way that it is optimally findable.

Search engine optimization by SMOOP

To keep the lines short and make quick steps towards higher Google positions, and better results in other search engines, it is wise to choose a local marketing agency such as SMOOP. Experience teaches us that regular personal contact with our clients greatly enhances the results. And that makes sense: the better we know our clients’ organisations, the better we can do our work for them.

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Immediately more site visitors

Would you rather bring in more customers through your website this week? Then you can consider advertising with Google Adwords. This is guaranteed to get you to the top of Google’s search results. In the long term, however, SEO Katwijk aan zee is more efficient for most companies in Katwijk aan zee. For fast results Google AdWords is the best option.

Our experts will be happy to help you

Are you interested in a free conversation about the possibilities and opportunities of search engine marketing for your company or organization? Please fill in the form below or e-mail us. Or call our SEO Katwijk aan zee expert on what the possibilities are for your organization. If you have doubts, for example, or you have a company that operates both locally and internationally, it is wise to contact our SEO specialist. You can also contact us for SEO Katwijk aan zee advice and outsourcing. Even if you are already working on search engine optimization, but have not yet achieved the desired results.

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