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Shinier & Soft Sisal Rugs – A Must Know & Buy.

Sisal is a natural fiber that comes from the agave Sisalana plant. So sisal rugs are made from this. Since sisal is made of natural fiber it is one of the most durable ones and lasts for a longer time. Sisal is used by many industries for making twine and rope, especially the fiber. And sisal rugs are also made by using the fiber which is in the form of rope. This gives sisal a textured look. And due to its textured look, it has become one of the most used sisal rug of many homes.

Amazing Sisal Rugs –

The texture of the sisal rug is far more different than other rugs. You must be wondering where the sisal rugs come from. Well, the answer is that sisal is made from the leaves of the agave plant. The sisal rugs are abrasive and unbending. The best place where you can keep sisal rugs is the area of your living room. And one of the best parts about these sisal rugs is that unlike other rugs which get spoiled due to heavy wear and tear, sisal rugs won’t get spoiled. On the contrary sisal rugs become shinier and soft due to the heavy wear and tear. So, isn’t it amazing about the sisal rugs?

What Makes the Sisal Stand Out From Other Rugs -?

Sisal rugs are made from the leaves of the agave plant and this plant is very much well know for budding a fiber which is tough and abrasive. This is what makes the sisal rug stand out of the crowd from other rugs. It may feel a bit coarse in the beginning when you initially purchase the sisal rugs, but with the passage of time, it becomes smooth. Then the next that comes is the question of maintenance of the sisal rugs. It is very easy to maintain the sisal rugs. Since its coarse in nature, dust doesn’t settle on it. The fibers are very stiff. You should never use a beater bar on these rugs. It is also easy to clean.

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Why the Smell of the Sisal Rug is good?

When you use the sisal rug for the first time, there will be naturally the smell of the Sisal. It has a pungent grassy smell. This smell is good for the air as it kills all the bacteria in the air and purifies the air. So, it is very good for the home atmosphere. It comprises of all the natural plant material and there is no toxic in the sisal rugs.

Vacuuming & Placement of Sisal Rug –

Regular vacuuming is not necessary in case of the sisal rug. The sisal rug is clean most of the time. But if you see the visible dirt then you can use a strong suction vacuum. But most of the time the sisal rug looks clean and fresh. Since sisal is a string natural fiber material it can be used in the areas where there is great traffic such as passageway, steps, drawing room, etc.

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