Signs indicating you should pay a visit to your nephrologist

There are high chances that you may not have listened to the term “nephrology” before. The term nephrology comes from the Greek word ‘nephros,’ which means kidney. Nephrologists are commonly known as kidney doctors. So the term nephrology is rarely used amongst the general public. Also, kidney diseases are known as the silent killer due to the fact that these diseases do not exhibit any major symptoms in the patient’s body until a later stage. So you must be familiar with the causes that may require the attention of a nephrologist. 

There are many well-renowned nephrologists in Dubai who are proficient in the diagnosis treatment of acute kidney diseases. These doctors are a part of the world-class Dubai healthcare. Here are some symptoms of kidney diseases. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then you should consult a good nephrologist in Dubai


Symptoms of kidney diseases

The kidneys are placed on either side of your spine in the flanks. Any injuries to the spine might have a collateral effect on the kidneys also. If you get involved in an unfortunate incident that causes any injuries to your spine or your flanks below your diaphragm, then you must consult a nephrologist in Dubai for a complete diagnosis. The kidneys filter out the impurities from your blood and also keeps your body hydrated. 

If you feel dehydrated for a prolonged period of time or suffer from severe dehydration on a regular basis then your kidneys diagnosed for any infection or disease. Any kidney disease would also result in an uncertain level of sodium and potassium content in your blood. 

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If the kidneys fail to perform their function, then these sodium and potassium salts get accumulated in the body and eventually affect your heart. 

Kidney damage can also be triggered by high and low blood pressure. And under these conditions, the kidneys stop their supply of a hormone that is essential for the production of red blood cells in the human body. This would result in a low blood count in the patients, a condition that is termed as anemia in medical circles. 

Also, one prominent feature of kidney damage or kidney disease is the blinding pain caused in the flanks of the patients due to the position of the kidneys. The pain from a kidney infection is so high that patients sometimes almost pass out due to their pain. Although there have been some cases where the patients do not experience any pain. In most of these cases, the cause of infection has been found to be kidney stones.

These are only common symptoms in kidney disease. Other than these common symptoms, there might also be some specific symptoms. If you experience any pain or discomfort regarding your urinal system or bladder, then you must get your diagnosis done with any of the nephrologists in Dubai. 

Most people tend to overlook this step, and their kidney diseases get even more complicated. This is because, in the initial stages, kidney infections display ordinary symptoms like insomnia, accelerated fatigue, and a metallic taste on your tongue. 

If you experience any such complications, then contact a nephrologist. Dubai healthcare is considered to be one of the best and most advanced healthcare systems all over the world. 

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There are several tests conducted by the nephrologists in Dubai to confirm kidney diseases. These tests include the Blood Urea Nitrogen test, glomerular filtration test, urine tests, and imaging tests. All these tests present a comprehensible report that helps the nephrologists in Dubai to diagnose you properly. 

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