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Smart Ways to Sell Custom Headwear & Caps to Parks, Theaters, Festivals, & More

As of 2018, the United States media and entertainment industry is the largest in the world, generating $717 billion. It is a fast-paced market that is known for distributing and producing movies, television commercials, music, books, online content, video games, podcasts, and more. By the end of 2023, it is expected to reach a whopping $825 billion, according to the reports suggested by the Entertainment & Media Outlook of PriceWaterCoopers.

The main idea of this article is to provide you with adequate knowledge of the entertainment industry as it works alongside promotional products and offers interesting facts, details, and tips about expanding your custom headwear and caps sales into the market.

In this blog, we shall be looking at various aspects of the United States entertainment market, so that you get a better understanding of how to target each. You will get to know about the most obvious decision-makers in different parks, theaters, and festivals, and how you can use promotional caps to market and advertise your business.

Theater parks and performance art centers

Promotional caps are used by performance art centers, movie theaters, and other venues as part of the staff uniform. The staff is outfitted in uniforms, and in such circumstances,c are also used for the sake of marketing and advertising your business.

If you are the owner of a theater company or an art center, you should purchase custom caps to advertise your business. Caps are also worn by bartenders, box office employees, cleaning and janitorial staff, concession workers, security guards, and customer support staff.

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In regards to the music and movies, you can also reach out to any recording studio or a movie production house in your area to provide promotional caps to advertise upcoming music videos, movies, and other projects.

Performance art centers that house musical plays, orchestras, operas, ballets, etc. and other venues like convention centers that organize magic shows, concerts, comedy shows, and political rallies, the staff members at these venues can use custom caps as a part of their uniform as well to advertise the work they are doing. By outfitting in uniforms and custom caps, they are easily approachable for any guidance and assistance to the people.

Amusement parks

Amusement parks are another brilliant venue to distribute custom headwear/caps as part of the staff uniform since employees are most likely to spend a fragment of their time outside. Some caps are designed from certified fabrics that protect the wearer from the hazardous elements coming from the sun rays. Make sure to offer such benefits when meeting with your potential buyers.

Concession workers widely use custom caps in the amusement parks, so does the ride attendants, safety and security guards, maintenance staff, tour guides, cleaning and janitorial staff, etc.

Caps can also be used as a welcome gift for new employees who will not be wearing a uniform. For instance, the likes of the staff wearing character uniforms. Besides offering custom caps to the staff and employees, caps containing the amusement park’s logo can also be sold in a gift shop as a souvenir for the visiting guests.

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Festivals and fairs

Festivals and fairs are most of the time organized as annual events or a traveling entertainment, but you can still distribute custom headwear/caps as a part of the employee uniform. The caps are mostly used by bartenders, maintenance staff, security guards, cleaning and janitorial staff, etc. who work around the clock to make the event smooth and successful without any obstacles.

Local fairs, state, and county can also distribute or sell the same type of caps like the staff in the theater or amusement parks – advertising their benefits, services, and other utilities. Some of the famous festivals like Coachella and the burning man use custom headwear/caps to provide services and guidance to the attendees. Staff wearing custom uniforms and caps look different from the rest of the crowd that plays a vital role in keeping the things efficient and smooth throughout the event. Besides offering custom caps to the staff, you can also reach out to the participants, artists, etc. to get your products included in the merchandise sales.

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