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Keep these factors in mind while shopping for a smartphone.

The smartphone is a necessary part of our life these days. Our mostly tasks are dependent on the smartphone. A smartphone is full of different features that help to every professional in their daily life and professional tasks. With the passage of time smartphones gain very advanced features. A lot of companies and brands are providing advanced smartphones day by day. They all are competent in providing the best and advance smartphone to its customers. It is obvious that you will confuse in shopping smartphone while visiting your local mobile market. So, before going to buy a smartphone you should know about the current technology and advancement of the smartphone. Keep in mind your actual needs and requirement.

These features will help you to meet a batter smartphone shopping experience.

Operating system:

An operating system is a basic requirement that you should have knowledge. There are lots of operating systems in the smartphone market but the main and top operating systems are iPhone and Android. iPhone is an operating system from Apple corporation and Android is from Google. People prefer the android operating system due to its low cost as well as wide app library. It is easy to use and easy to customize. Choose an operating system according to your requirements and need.

Mobile Features:

After the operating system, check the available features. There are different features in every operating system. Like fingerprint scanning, camera, clod and many other features. iPhone has its own features in its operating system and android also allows some features by third party installation. Android is a free platform that why so many smartphone companies are using the android operating system. Android support all the advanced features. Choose a mobile phone after comparing the mobile features.

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Screen size:

Now it is time to measure screen size. It is measured diagonally means corner to corner. Small screen size mobile phones are often cheaper than big size screen smartphones. Big screen mobile phones are available in both operating systems. If you want a big screen size smartphone in iPhone’s operating system than you can choose its “SE” Series and if you want in android then you have a lot of verities to choose. You can choose from any type of brand that supports android.


If you have a lot of work to do on your smartphone or you are a good photographer then you should choose a mobile phone with good battery storage. Most mobile phones are providing 32GB storage and up to 256GB by expanding. In iPhone, storage is dedicated. But some android supporting mobile phones are providing the facility of storage expansion. It means you can enhance your smartphone storage by just adding a micro SD card in it.


This is an important feature to consider. Ram is a temporary storage of mobile phones that helps smartphones working properly. Rams help in multitasking and gaming. Smartphones are available with a minimum of 3GB and up to 8GB.


A processor with good processing speed is wished to all the smartphone users. Smartphone with a good processing time will reduce your app opening time and tasking time. You can use your apps very smoothly and can perform your tasks quickly. In apple smartphones, the Apple A11 Bionic processor is the best processor now, and an android, the Processor of Samsung smartphone Galaxy S8 is known as the best processor at low prices in Pakistan.

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Battery life:

In old smartphones, one disadvantage was its battery life. When a smartphone is working o multitasking than it means more battery consuming. Mobile battery is measured in mAh. If you are buying a smartphone for professional use or multitasking than you should have at least 3000 mAh battery.

Fast Charging:

One more advanced feature that you should consider is fast charging. Most of the upcoming and latest mobile phones are offering fast charging like Pixel 2 from Google have 7 hours of power within just 15 minutes.  Wireless charging is also available in the market.


In the old days, peoples were very eager to camera pixels, but these days’ smartphones are available in good cameras. You should buy a smartphone with at least 12 megapixels. A good quality camera is a priority of peoples these days. Picture clicking and shearing is the trend these days. Pictures represent the whole story. So, choose a good camera smartphone.


These are the main factors that you should consider while mobile shopping either online in your local market. Smartphone Mobile shopping online in Pakistan is very easy and cheap.  Smartphones have direct involvement in our daily life. It is our companion in our daily routine. So choose a smartphone that is fit on your requirements and need.

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