Snapchat vs Instagram Stories: Which One Is Best For You?

Snapchat and Instagram Stories are two of the most well known social media platforms.These two platforms are very comparative for another platforms like moj, tik-tok, youtube act….

Which time start they some story feachers in this platforms ?

:-Instagram are started that story features for in platform starting from Augest 2016 for new content for people. Instagram are very powerful platform thay are start a new beginning in this year.

:-Snapchat are started this story features from their platform from October 2013. Snapchat is started the story features about the hole world. They are making very new thing about there platform.

Which community are very powerful ?

Instagram story make lots of people for their popularity, but snapchat story are not be make higher then instagram.

Instagram community are very powerful community. ther was 1.21 billion monthly activate instagram users worldwide.this platform are very satisfy people for their many features.

Snapchat is big platform in the world. In this does not have many features as instagram but whatever features are there are useful. Snapchat have 332 million daily active user worldwide.

Which story features are some looking so nice ?

instagram and snapchat have many features for thay story”s thay have more filters from their story”s. Instagram story is more interesting then snapchat story because reel, photo, video, link etd. can also be placed in it. Snapchat have limitation for their story because less then instagram user, but there is a put in the market and fight to competitors.

Why is Instagram Overtaking snapchat ?

Hear are some features:

  1. vertical video

B.AR filters for instagram stories

  1. shopping on Instagram
  2. Instagram stories Ads

    Instagram has more features compared to snapchat, overall.
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Can instagram stories kill snapchat from the social media game ?

They beat their competitors! they rose above pinterest, Tumbir and other photo sharing apps within a short time.

Snapchat leads for the age group of 13-17 and even bigger share in age group 18-24.

According to survey studies conducted on snapchat in march 2016:

  1. 71% of users surveyed said that they preferred the app for its chat,massaging, and imaging services
  2. 5% who almost exclusively chose the various events, brand features, and celebrity content on the basis.
  3. 24% responded that they accessed all features equally.

Instagram have many feathers that snapchat have did.

-24 hours stories

-Best filters for the photography

-boomerang and slow motion video

lovel costumers who are angry that Instagram copied snapchat!!!

Stories vs. Snaps

When it comes to the type of content on both platforms, we see similar features but with different names, which are snaps and stories. Snaps are for Snapchat, and stories are for Instagram as we are focusing on Instagram vs. Snapchat. Both platforms have this very similar feature, but again there are some differences.

Instagram stories provide an uninterrupted transition from one story to another person’s story making a flow for the person viewing it. This flow increases the chances of the business story being viewed by potential customers because they are already viewing them. And they do not face any interruptions while gliding from one story to another unless they close the stories themselves.

You can’t post Instagram Story and Snapchat Story at the same time manually, but it doesn’t mean that there is no way at all!

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By using third-party apps for Snapchat and Instagram, you can set the publish time for them, then they would be published at the same time.

Why more people post stories on Instagram than snapchat ?

Instagram is in that sweet spot where every social networking site want to be.

It has the majority of users in the age group of 18–34. Now what makes this special is the fact that no other site comprises of the same number of users of this age group. For ex, Snapchat has majority of users below the age of 25 and facebook has older demographic.



Instagram was acquired by Facebook but Mark intelligently was mostly hands off. This allowed Instagram to benefit from an integration into Facebook’s social graph while being independently operated to keep their core product from being diluted. They added the ability to record video as well as moved away from their single format of image sizes allowing for more flexibility.

Overtime their search and recommendation engine improved and was now displaying content not just from users that amassed the most number of likes, but instead based on likes, proximity, common interests, and your social graph from FB.

Because Instagram was by default a public sharing platform it supported a one to many relationship. Following the notion of “followers” pioneered by Twitter.


Snapchat added many improvements to it’s video and image recording by adding various filters and augmented reality that changed faces along with voices depending on the user. Snapchat being ephemeral was also always more focused on what was happening now and the disappearing notion meant that users weren’t curating content as much as Instagram.

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Snapchat then launched stories and also created a public sharing feature which allowed for the one to many relationship for large celebrities and internet celebrities to build followings.

When it comes to the type of content on both platforms, we see similar features but with different names, which are snaps and stories. Snaps are for Snapchat, and stories are for Instagram as we are focusing on Instagram vs. Snapchat. Both platforms have this very similar feature, but again there are some differences.

Facebook vs Snapchat vs Instagram: Snapchat

The statistics show that Snapchat is the second most popular service among young people, and it continues to grow its user base. With a huge selection of fun filters and an easy way to connect with friends, it’s clear that it’s becoming an excellent way to document ones’ life or even just swap silly photos with your pals.

Snapchat was also the first to implement the stories feature which have since been copied by Facebook and Instagram, and it’s clear that Snapchat still has the upper edge when it comes to that specific feature.

We expect that the Facebook vs Snapchat vs Instagram battle will continue to slant in favor of the last two, with Snapchat perhaps even passing Instagram as more young people come onto the platform.

So this fact are so effective for some audience of Instagram & snapchat.

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