Some common myths about Car window tinting in Dubai debunked!

Car window tinting is one of those accessorizing techniques for cars which everyone loves to have. From having privacy and dapper look to keeping the heat out, it is one of the best things that have ever been brought out for cars. Just like vehicle branding, there are myths associated with car window tinting in Dubai as well. So, if you are planning to shop for window tint, take some time to learn more about what these products can and cannot do. So, here’s an article that will help you debunk some common misconceptions that are buzzing around. 

car window tinting Dubai
  • Myth 1– Car tinting is solely for Aesthetics! 

Fact: People often have this misconception that having car tint is solely for making the car look sassy and luxurious. Little do they know that besides making the car look luxurious, window tints make car itself cooler as it helps block 40-50% of solar heat. It also keeps the seats from fading easily as most window tints blocks 99% of UV rays. 

  • Myth 2- Car window tint is a waste of money because it leaves bubble and loses effectiveness over time! 

Fact: You must have come across many such cars in your community that have purple bubble tints all over. This is because it is not a professionally installed window film. These products are DIY films that are not designed to be a permanent addition to a car and can fade soon. But you can expect long lasting protection for your windows with minimal fading if products areinstalled by a qualified professional. 

  • Myth 3- Window tint will make car look too dark! 

Fact: Tint comes in a variety of shades, but none of them block total lightcoming into your car. In fact, some tints are almost invisible, providing a barrier against UV rays without darkening your car too much. You can choose the level of darkening as long as you stay within the UAE guidelines that fit your needs. 

  • Myth 4Car window tinting reduces its resale value in Dubai! 
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Fact: This is completely wrong! If you go with a trusted partner in Dubai, tinting will increase the resale value of your car by preserving your upholstery and dash, making your car look classy, and setting your vehicle apart from those without any tint. A professional tint will also provide you with increased security and safety. If you want, you can always remove it, as the process is completely reversible.