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Some Truth you should know about of PR Companies

There are some truths of PR Companies that you might not know. You might not know how they do branding. Whenever you hire a PR and social media agency, you must know that there are ways of creating public relations this is creating news or following news about you. You must know about the nature of the news. Generally, there are two ways of doing that: either you create the story or you follow a story.

Salient features of both methods used by best PR agencies;

Create a Story

Being a PR person your job is to do that, but are you a stenographer? I mean how would you get somebody on the top page of a newspaper? You will be asked several questions like: why should I post this story? What special or interesting about it that the readers are going to enjoy. So you need to describe the story in such a manner so that nobody can deny it in the first place. This is the importance of creating a good story. You need to make them believe that this will entertain or motivate the readers.

In short, story-telling is a very important part of public relations, opted by the best PR agencies. It can be for getting publicity or for launching a new product in the market. This can be done on any platform like newspaper, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other blog page. Being a firm or a famous person if you decide to organize the events of this kind you are making a big mistake. It’s a very time-consuming and expensive process for somebody who is doing it on their own. So it’s wise to go to the best public relations companies or PR firms.

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Follow a Story

Opportunities do not knock, especially for top public relations firms. You need to identify and grab them. So it’s also very important to follow the stories. Follow the stories about your client and then respond to them. It’s like diving into the stock market. You can follow-up the news and give replies and comments that are healthy and interesting. This method still works.

Can social media replace traditional media for public relations?

Now, as we all are living in a digital world. Everything is digital and online so you must be thinking that can social media replace the traditional way of PR? The answer is no. public relations are not like marketing. To make good public relations you still need to interact with the public, organize the events and organize the conferences. However, it is also true that you cannot avoid the importance of social media as well. You cannot and you should not keep the social media aside totally. You need to make your presence on social media platforms as well. So these were some interesting things that you know about public relations, being a public relations person and also being a boss or a client. 

Note: A growing healthy relationship with the public online is known as digital PR. Some PR and social media agency provide you with the proper data of measuring the PR. However, you cannot do that accurately. But it is not impossible. 

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