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Stars and Colors: 4 Ways How Celebrities Influence Makeup Users to Buy Certain Products

There are countless makeup brands and products sold out there in the market. You will see that the competition is tough because there are so many rivals. It’s definitely a battle of which one gets the attention of most clients. 

Actually, when customers purchase their makeup products, they do have a lot of considerations. That includes the brand, the quality, the quantity and the price. They decide also while looking into what their skin prefers and what suits their tastes. 

Aside from all those mentioned selection factors, one of the top things that have a lot of influence and impact on consumer preference is the involvement of celebrities, social media influencers and other media personalities with these products. You surely are aware that they have a huge part in brands being able to magnetize makeup users to buy from them. 

How do they do that? Below are some of the ways how these “stars” entice makeup users to buy certain products.


Popular Korean Boy Group iKON and their lip balm endorsement

(Source – Nivea Korea Instagram)

The main way media personalities are able to invite people to buy a certain makeup brand is by being official brand endorsers. They become models for the brands, and of course, as they apply the products on their skin, they will exude that strikingly radiant and appealing look that will absolutely wow everyone. 

Aside from having their regular skincare treatments and maintenance as celebrities, they will promote the product brand as they show the supposedly effect of it to the potential customers’ own skin. 

As endorsers, they help the brand earn trust from the people who might not know about it yet. The collaboration with media artists is a big connection so that makeup companies share with the trust people have towards the names under spotlights and their reputation.

Actress Emma Stone and her lipstick endorsement

(Photo Source – Celebrity Endorsement Ads)


Actress Anna Kendrick and her lip balm

(Photo Source: Pinterest – Anna Kendrick’s Instagram Post)

Celebrities use their social media accounts to interact with their fans. They post updates like food, countries they visit, outfit of the day or even random selfies. Sometimes, their random selfies are not random at all. They actually post their faces with full makeup on or with a little, and they mention their makeup artists in their captions. They also tag the makeup brand on their posts, so that when fans and other Instagram users see their photo and the tagged usernames, they will be able to click and know what brands they used for that certain photo.

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Some of them also endorse the product through simple and seemingly “just sharing” kind of posts. For example, a normal post-selfie workout is not just a mere selfie, but actually showing off the natural face makeup he or she is wearing that did not fade even after exercising. 

American Model and a 2019 Victoria’s Secret Angel Grace Elizabeth Harry Cabe and her skincare product

(Photo Source – Cosmetics Business – Grace)


There are lots of the so-called “social media influencers” who have started as travel vloggers. The travel category is actually one of the most popular topics when it comes to vlogging. Another famous and common subject is makeup. 

Makeup tutorials gain lots of views and thumbs up. Not only ordinary people are into it; even well-known celebrities have already opened their YouTube channels for this purpose. They want to share their love for makeup and their strategies in doing it. 

As they create their video content, of course, they also share the product brands they use. They recommend them and even those which they think are best for particular skin types and conditions. 


Those who follow these famous names ask or request their favorites to spill their skincare routine. It’s because they want to have and experience the blooming skin that their idols have, or they want to find a solution to their skin issues, and they believe their faves have inspired them. 

Skincare routine sharing is good, and many look forward to it. With caution as well, celebrities suggest while considering that every person’s skin is different from another. Celebrities impart the products that work effectively on them. Also, most of the time, they tell about the price ranges, so that viewers will know the financial costs of it. 

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Media personalities do have a big part in the masses’ purchasing decisions. Especially when it comes to beauty and health-related products, brands and purposes, people look for others who are, for them, reliable, trustworthy and motivating. It’s because people are often more convinced, impressed and driven when they see that the products they’re eyeing are resulting very well on other people.

If you’re someone who looks up to stars and media personalities for makeup products and usage, just always make sure to know their suitability to your skin’s health and condition. At the end of the day, it’s always up to you.


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