Staying Healthy with ABHA Health Card: Tips and Tricks

ABHA health card is an initiative started by PM Narendra Modi to digitize medical records of

citizens and going paperless in India. More than 10 crore families have registered themselves in the

ABHI initiative. In this scheme, an individual can avail of free health assistance for different kinds of

ailments and diseases from which they are suffering. All they need to do is to submit their registered

ABHA health card number in the impanelled clinics.

In addition, ABHA health cards offer several aids to users by allowing them to enjoy healthcare

facilities, including lab tests, registration, appointment arrangement with a doctor, and storing

medical records electronically.

Why does a person need to share an ABHA health ID card?

Carrying every medical record, every time an individual goes to the hospital can be challenging. The

the healthcare industry has seen quick digitization in recent years. This has significantly assisted the

healthcare business to save time, access and assess the medical info of an individual more

efficiently. However, since numerous players are present in this facility, the opportunity to store and

allocate health information was limited earlier. Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) digital

a health card resolves these problems by keeping your medical statistics in one place. So, one can

share this information by sharing the ID number with medical specialists like doctors and insurance

companies, and they can easily view your medicinal data instantly.

What are the Benefits of the ABHA digital Health card?

Individuals can get many benefits mentioned below if they register and download an ABHA health

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identity card from the government's official website.

They can access all the medical data, like diagnosis, tests, medicine prescriptions, and many

more, with just a single click.

They can share their medical reports easily with their doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc.

Therefore, an individual can get medical care quickly, even in new areas.

One can access a compilation of the particulars of all the professional doctors in India.

This ABHA card includes yoga, Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy, Unani, and Homoeopathy



How can one receive an ABHA health card?

The ABHA health card is free of cost card. It can be generated through online mode by following these

below mentioned easy steps:

Register on the official website of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission

Link to the Website:

Click on the option showing on the screen, "Create ABHA number."

Among the different options shown on the screen, tap on "Using Aadhaar."

Fill in your Aadhaar number carefully.

Application submission of an individual is completed only when he selects the "I agree"

option showing on display. The registered mobile number of an individual will get an OTP for


Enter the unique one-time password and then apply.

It will redirect you to a new page. Tap on the "submit" button if you are assured that the

the information you entered is correct.

You will see a different page this time. Your email address will be asked to create your new

health account on this official website. After completing the above step, an individual can

download their ABHA Health Card, including their picture.

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Final Verdict

Obtaining an Ayushman Bharat Health Account card can significantly ease your access to health care.

It will help individuals find health centres and medical specialists near them and share their medical

history seamlessly with specialists across India. You can also securely keep your medical information

and provide access to medical experts only when required. Thus, having an ABHA health card can

advance your overall healthcare experience.

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