Steps of creating business pages on Wikipedia

To develop a higher prestige in the modern business domain as per the policies of the international marketing criteria, a brand or a business should focus on content marketing more than any other branding tactics. The content marketing of companies are done through several different channels that involves c Wikipedia as well. In the following content you will be getting the knowledge about developing a Wikipedia page for a business domain.

Get an account first

Before proceeding to any process of page creation on Wikipedia it would be a wise move to get your personal account on the platform first. Although posts can be uploaded on the Wikipedia from other’s accounts as well but for a business profile particularly, but and create its own Wikipedia account then it will cause great benefits.

Develop strategies of brand recognition

 As now you have got the idea of creating your own account over the Wikipedia, the next step involve development of your brand recognition over the Wikipedia though constant engagement. This can be achieve easily of you start from editing pages instead of write ups, the more edits you do and if they get accepted in review then the more recognition of your business will be generated.

Collect material for references and citations

The core principles of writing any content for the Wikipedia page incorporates originality, authenticity and correctness of the content and if any one of these features will be missed then the content will get disapproved by the Wikipedia for final posting. For proceeding to create a page for your business on Wikipedia, you must collect material for referencing and citation of the information that id encoded in the content in order to elevate the quality and authenticity of it.

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Before leading to the actual writing of the Wikipedia content for your business profile you must collect information relevant and related to your business profile so that direct online researches of the subject can be cited in the content for further research and to provide authenticity to the page or post.

Write the content for the page

The main task of content creation starts from this step, writing a content for the Wikipedia requires great skills. The writer is supposed to create a content that is free from any kind of uncertainty and errors. The content of the Wikipedia should be written in the informative tone only. Although it does the ac of branding for your business but everything happens indirectly. Encoding promotional content in a Wikipedia post is completely prohibited and leads to the rejection of the content in the review session.

Submit for review

Hence, the content has been created up till now, the next step include the submission of the content for the review from the Wikipedia editors so that the authenticity and correctness of the content as per the requirement of the policy can be achieve. This session results in refined and polished content which is way better in the domain of the quality in comparison to the submitted one.


Since, the content has been recruited as mentioned in the review. The next step to upload it on your business page for the readers. This is the last step of page development of your business profile over the platform of Wikipedia.

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Keep updating

The last but not the least important step which is basically not a part of page development but I is carried out in order to maintain the productivity of the Wikipedia is content updating. If you keep updating your uploaded content then it will definitely result in great consequences.

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